You Can Be In A Relationship And Still Feel Alone

I have a loving boyfriend and a very supportive family but a condition called hyperhydrosis has made me into a recluse I never used to be like this as I used to have a friendship group and I would love to be different again. Because of this condition I never go clubbing or down the pub with my boyfriend as it seems so daunting to sit there worrying about whether others can see if I sweat instead of enjoying myself even a simple game of pool is daunting to me. Most nights when my boyfriend is out socialising (because he is a very social person) I tend to sit in my room (my depression makes me want to be alone even though my dad is in the house) i sit in my room depressed and insecure that I am trapped and can no longer enjoy myself or go clubbing like normal teenagers do. I have been a lonely person even though I have a boyfriend he does not know about my condition so I feel totally alone because he does not understand what I am going through I wish i could be like him and not sweat and be outgoing and doing well in my job because I have left many jobs because of this condition one where i was training to be a medical secretary and now i work in a bookmakers sitting there worrying all day and becoming more lonely i would like to dress up and make an effort for my boyfriend but right now i feel like my own worst enemy..
strawberrycherry strawberrycherry
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Hi, are you slim or overweight, as overweight people usually sweat more. Hope you don't mind me asking..