Sex With Sister

Hi am sankath from hyderabad. My age is 17 rightnow.In my family me,my sister,and our parents will stay.Long ago before 7 years i dont know anything about sex.I was in 4th class and my sister was in 8th class.Our parents would go to job even on saturday and sunday.We used to stay in house.As they lave the house we would lock the door and would play.Once my sister said me that she cant rub her back bath so she asked me to rub then i said ok.We went bathroom and i asked her to remove clothes,then she said me that you only remove my clothes.Then i removed her t-shirt and then removed her skirt and then bra&panty that was the first time i saw her ***** and big boobs from near.Then i took a mug of water and poured on her and applied soap onhers back and rubbed it well.She wrapped a towel and said thank you.She aksed me if want me to rub your back then i said yes>Then she said me to remove my clothes then i asked her to take off my clothes nd her clothes also and lets bath combinely.She sai ok and removed my clothes and her clothes.While removing my clothes she caught my penis in her hand it was of 2'(inches) long.I asked why is mine long here and why is yours like hole,Then she said that for boys it will be like pipe and for girls it will be like hole.Then went inside and changed our clothes and had our lunch.After lunch it was boring and she slept in bed and i was watching T.V she called me i went to her and asked her what akka she said that we will play a game go turn off T.V and come here.I went to hall and turned off T.V. and went to her and what game we will play she said we will play a game which has no name,then i said ok.she saked me to remove my nekker,I said ok and removed my nekker,she asked me to come near to her face and then i went.She caught my penis in her hand and played with it.After that she me wheathe you will keep this pipe in my hole(i.e. my penis in her *****)i said yeah and asked her to remove her skirt.She said me top take of her clothes including panty and bra.I slowly removed her top buttons and buttons of her bra also removed her skirt and panty.She took my penis in her hand and it becamed hard of 4"(inch)and my akka kissed it.She asked me to widen her legs.Then i widened her legs i saw her ***** she asked me to rub on her ***** i said ok and rubbed her pink ***** with mu hand.She asked me to insert a finger and twist inside and i twisted she was moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmmm i asked her what happened akka she said nothing insert all fingers and fist also then i continued she moaned hard aahhhhhhhhhhhhammmmmmmmah then she asked me to insetr my pipe in her hole((i.e. my penis in her *****)then i said ok and slept on her and took my penis in my hand and inserted in her ***** it was smooth slippery and like jelly my penis was coming out she asked me to press inner and harder but my penis was coming out she asked me to get powder box and said to put some powder in her ***** i poured a lot and twisted with finger it became normal and i continued to insert it was hard but so good feeling she asked me how it i said it is good and we will play the game daily after coming from school she asked me that you should promiss me that you should not tell anyone about thisgame i said ok and we continued.

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sankath sankath
22-25, M
May 25, 2012