My Master My Life

i have had a master for about 2 months. i love him and i live to serve him.everyday i get a spanking and a im forced to walk around naked. okay last night my master had a about 10 friends over. i just sat there in my room hoping that he wouldnt ask me to come down there sense i couldnt put cloths on. but of course he did. i was so embarrassed. he told me to get down on my hands and knees and walk around like a dog. he put a leash on me and let some of the men walk me around outside. so one of them asked my master if he can have sex with me. my master said yes. he walked me up to a bed room where he pushed me on the bed and tied me to the bed. he got his **** out and shoved it inside of my tight *****.it hurt because with every push it would go deeper and deeper inside of me. oh my god it felt so though. i was moaning my head off. when i was about to *** my master walked in and started beating me with a whip.he then got his **** out and made me suck it. both of them put a huge load inside of me. just so you guys know i asked to be his slave because he was asking for one.
slavegirl2415 slavegirl2415
22-25, F
Jan 5, 2013