Master Enjoys His Submissive Slave

i am sitting on the wicker chair on the back porch when i hear Your steps behind me. i can feel my body shiver, just knowing You are near. i hear You move up behind my chair and stop, Your hands coming down to graze the top of my shoulders and run down to my elbows. my head leans back on the chair as i close my eyes and breath deeply to take in Your scent. i feel the pressure on my elbows as You guide me to stand.

You come around the side of the chair and stand behind me, Your hands coming around me to cup my breasts, my nipples already stiff. i feel Your mouth on my neck as You whisper to me, I love you, My little one. i feel my knees weaken as i hear those words from You. Your hands slide down over my stomache and reach to my sex, one finger sliding in to feel how wet i am for You already. i feel You turn me to face the chair, and guide me to a kneeling position, laying my arms across the arms of the chair. You tell me to remain still, and i do. i watch You from the corner of my eye as You leave the porch and go back inside.

Kneeling there, waiting for You, my body starts to shiver slightly, unsure of what You have planned for U/us today. Lost in my thoughts i don't hear You return until i feel the silk strips falling against my arms. i watch as You wrap them around my wrists and around the arms of the chair. Then i feel You moving behind me, kneeling down and running a finger over my wet petals, making my inner thighs quiver. Then i feel Your hands slipping in between my thighs and spreading my legs, and the softness of the silk bindings as You secure my thighs to the legs of the chair.

And then nothing, i know You are there behind me, i can hear You breathing. The next thing i hear is the whistle of the leads on the cat as it moves through the air. Crying out as i feel it come down across my upper back, once, twice three times i feel it land on my skin. Each time crying out, unable to do anything else as i feel the sting and the heat on my back. my head drops down between my arms as the cat continues to come down over my back, tears rolling down my cheeks silently. Then You stop, i feel You kneeling between my thighs as You run Your hands up my sides, i can almost see the smile on Your lips as You look at the red lines on my back.

Then i feel Your hands sliding down to my hips and one hand sliding in between my wet petals. Your finger finding my **** and tracing small circles around it, pinching it, as it stiffens quickly. Then i feel something new, cool steel against my **** and then pain shooting through me as i feel a clamp tighten on my ****. Your tongue is running across my *** cheeks, giving my body time to adjust to this new feeling. Then You are gone again, standing back so that i can't even hear You breathing anymore. Then i can feel the heat on my **** and light vibrations against it.

Bringing my head up and moaning loudly as the sensations spread through my body, i can feel my juices starting to run down my inner thighs, but You don't stop, the vibrations intensify. Aware now of how tightly i am bound to the chair as my body tries to jerk. You are behind me again, running Your hands over my *** cheeks, and then i feel Your tongue pushing in between my cheeks as Your hands spread them, and then it is pushing against my star. Flicking up and down over it, to be replaced by Your finger, pushing gently into my tightest hole.

Pushing and turning as it slides into me, while the vibrations continue to move against my ****. my breath coming in sharp gasps as my body starts to shiver uncontrollably. Then Your finger is gone and i feel Your **** sliding into my wet petals, gliding in with one quick thrust, then pulling out and pushing against my star. i take a deep breath and concentrate on relaxing my muscles for You, as i feel Your **** slowly entering my dark hole. i can hear You starting to grunt as You push harder into me, the pain inside me as i feel You spreading me open.

Then with one hard thrust You are buried inside me, the pain that shoots through me turns quickly into pleasure as my walls grow accustomed to You there. Then you start to pull back slowly, almost coming out before slamming hard back into me. Your fingers digging into the soft flesh of my hips as You start to pound into me. Your balls slapping against the clamp on my ****, sending ripples of pain/pleasure through my body. As Your **** starts a rhythm, working in and out of me i feel Your hand slide down to remove the clamp from my ****, crying out as i feel the blood rushing back into it while Your **** continues to pound into me.

i finally speak, Master, i am going to ***, please may this one *** for You? You grip my hips tight and slam Your **** deep into me as You say Yes, little one , *** for Your Master. A guttural cry escapes my lips as my fingers wrap around the arm of the chair and grip it tightly and my body stiffens and releases for You. my juices flowing freely out of my ***** and onto Your balls as i feel you releasing Your *** deep inside me. my whole body trembles as i *** for You. You slowly slide out of me and undo my bindings, letting my body collapse against the chair. Sighing as i feel the warm, wet cloths applied to my back side, soothing the marks, then the cream You gently rub over them. i turn slowly to look into Your eyes, i love You Master. i will do anything for you.

ps. and jsut for people to know i volenteered to be his slave
slavegirl2415 slavegirl2415
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013