Woman With Long Hair

Iam a kind loving man, I love nature, natural and artsy people,Iam very creative. All woman are fine in there own way, and there are woman with short hair that are very sexy,and soft,but in my life, Ive have seen a lot , not all woman, but the ones I have been with,that had short hair ,seemed to be stern,and business like, tough and hard. The woman I have seen and did know ,with long hair were soft and easy going,sexy in a natural way. I feel this is gods choose, and it is more natural for a woman to have longer hair,I feel a womans hair is more of her natural way, an extention of her body ,I feel if a woman cuts her hair short,she is violating her self ,and her beauty,the same as someone cutting off the beautiful tail of a peacok ,and saying the peacok is still there, yes, but what happened to it beautiful tail,its gone,if I was to buy a peacok ,I would not want one with out its beautiful tail !!!!! Its still a peacok but not the same.Or a rose bush,full of flowers,what if someone pulled off all of the pettels off all the flowers, and left only the hipps the centers, well, the woman is the flower,if her hair is cut short the same as the rose with no pettels, or bird with is beautiful tail cut off, where is her beautiful soft sent,her natural beauty,its gone. I love all a woman can offer,and I will give of my self, as a man the same, I love to brush a womans hair,and I hope one day I will find a kind and loving woman ,and if Iam lucky she will have beautiful long hair.
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46-50, M
May 9, 2012