I have been cheated by someone ..whom i trusted for a while ....!!! Life is miserable its same as like electronic switch, which fluctuates you between ON/OFF?ON makes you BRIGHT in sec but the same ON goes to OFF makes you DARK in sec .....please dont touch me often iamhere the Switch want's to be ON all time to keep you all in Bright ...but dont make me DARK by touching me often which makes me sad ....!!!!!
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

To be honest bikshu, time will determine everything. One thing i have realized is you will meet so many people but in the end, out of a 7 Billion population only 10-20 should matter to you. Somone who mistreated you will definately pay the price and be mistreated somewhere else Kani the best people are those that never hope for the worst and constantly look for the best future for everyone.
Stay patient, and if you get pushed down, put you head back up.

Thanks ra nikki

Hah np!