Trans For Life

 I was living a normal life up to the age of 9 then it all changed for some reason that I do not regret I tried a womens dress on. I do not know why whether it was the feel  of the material or because my father always paid more attention to women. That fatefull weekend when I was nine was the turning point for me. I have always wanted to wear women's clothes all my life. Soft knits bras, sport clothes dresses, corsetts, Stockings and garter belts panty hose, Wigs make-up you name it over the years I have purchased and worn everything. I am now 61 a couple of years ago I took a Gender Journeys program in the local city and I realized I would not ever be a women but it is still EXTREMELLY nice wearing a womans clothes just like I am right now. 

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
66-70, T
3 Responses Aug 26, 2009

For me it was age 6

For me it was age 20 and I've never looked back. Femme forever!

I know, for me it was age 5.