I Am a White Witch

hey saw your story if you are interested in witchcraft and you are serious about learning more about it, it will open a whole new world for you it is an amazing art to learn about I have been studying it for about 11 years it helped me through a really bad patch in my life and I have never looked back since as long as you respect the art its so good if you want to know more i'll help you anyway I can
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I'm extremely intrigued by the practice. I have been doing some soul searching. I'm 29. Upbringing was filled with negative moments and many secrets hidden from me. I turned to Christianity and I was doing great for a while, however it hasn't been enough. I feel like something is still missing. I've always been in tune with nature and I am fascinated with rocks. I am a star gazer an love the cycle of the moon, but am memorized by a full moon. My moods change with the moon. I have always had a desire for witches, pagans, witchcraft, folklore, and I love reading ancient times, medieval times and am currently trying to teach myself how to read and write Classical Latin and understand Runes. I feel comfortable thinking about witchcraft etc. I think it may be my calling. A little help would be wonderful if someone is willing?

Hey.. I am starting of with Christopher_Penczak's inner temple.. Is it okay?

What does witch craft do?