The Apartment Building

Okay, I admit it, it is exciting to see something you should not see. I mean, To watch a woman genuinely turned on for real when she thinks no one is watching, not acting for any cameras or anything like that...just enjoying for real whatever sexual activity she is engaged in. The trouble is quite often...this is a very rare sight, I mean who actually intentionally leaves the curtains/windows open for others to see...not very many, and almost always it is a fluke if it happens.

Okay, anyway...walking by an apartment building one night I say a light from a window located in the basement with a light on...I almost always take a very quick peek. The window was open and a couple was in the living room, I could hear their conversation and it was pretty obvious they were having some kind of a, nothing exciting there...but...she wanted them to go to the bedroom to talk and he was having nothing to do with it. Okay...still nothing noteworthy so far....I left. Just because, I decided to casually walk by the window again a short while later (which fortunately for me was on an unlit side of the building). As I approached the window I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Apparently they had somehow made up and were having sex to make peace...nice. As I peered into the window I could not believe my eyes. First of all, I should say that they were both in their twenties, he was slim, fit looking and she was about 5"6, not model gorgeous but still pretty with a nice shape. He was back on to the window, she was on her back with her legs in the air as he thrust repeatedly deep into her wet *****. The window was slightly I could here the wet slapping sound as he plunged into her again and again...she moaned...getting louder. As he grabbed her legs to bring them up towards his shoulders with her *** lifted off the floor I had a complete view of her wet ***** being ravaged by his hard ****. I was only about 12 feet away as he ****** her hard on the living room floor of the apartment...I could actually see the shiny wetness on his hard **** each time he withdrew only to plunge deep inside her again and heart was racing to say the least...this is a rare site and I can count on one hand with a couple of fingers missing how often I have seen anything like this...unless of course I'm with the woman (but that is entirely different - something exciting about the taboo). Anyway...he had picked up the pace and was really pumping her hard way he could last at that pace...she screamed out a little and let out a loud moan as he climaxed, grunting in hard forced gasps...honestly folks, I could say that I did too but I was just frozen at the spectacle I had just witnessed and slowly backed away to make sure they were not disturbed. I mean, I would not want to be startled if I were in their shoes. The best voyeur I think is one that does no harm to others....aside from the obvious invasion of privacy, but they will never know what I saw.

I have a few more stories...but not sure if anyone wants to hear them. They are true, but not always as hot as the view I had that night...but you never know what you might find....pass a comment if it is worth me sharing more.
fedora13 fedora13
41-45, M
Sep 11, 2012