My Traits

I do not know from where I should start my story. But one thing is sure I should not miss any more thing from today onwards. So. Now a days I am also working to find some friends for me. I. I want myself to be felt. I do not belong here. I want myself. I want to feel myself. A free, violent and soft.
So in search for myself I found something special. I feel someone close to me. The one I love. I do not know what does it is called but I feel that she is with me and I talk to her a lot. I keep talking to her. I tell her my feelings and she responds. And I weigh that comment. In this process I have come to know many of my shortcomings.
Four I ams:
Four I am nots:
Three I wants:
Twenty Eight I loves:
Five I do not wants:
Three I hates:
1. I am coward.
2. I am loner.
3. I am hypocrite.
4. I am very jealous.
5. I am not greedy.
6. I am not cunning.
7. I am not faithful.
8. I am not consistent.
9. I want to be free.
10. I want to understand everything.
11. I want someone who is mine and understands me.
12. I love light.
13. I love moon.
14. I love music.
15. I love Iqbal.
16. I love Allah.
17. I love stars.
18. I love slums.
19. I love …..
20. I love space.
21. I love My Dad.
22. I love eating.
23. I love my Mom.
24. I love skating.
25. I love my niece.
26. I love solitude.
27. I love thinking.
28. I love universe.
29. I love dreaming.
30. I love Aristotle.
31. I love hard work.
32. I love my sisters.
33. I love anonymity.
34. I love my brothers.
35. I love being at home.
36. I love MW.
37. I love ttg...
38. I love strolling aimlessly.
39. I love sketching aimlessly.
40. I love listening when I think productive.
41. I love to think whatever comes in my mind.
42. I love the place where no one notices me.
43. I love writing but cannot write for too long.
44. I do not wana live.
45. I do not wana smoke.
46. I do not want to offer Salah.
47. I do not wana drink alcohol.
48. I do not wana dishonor any one.
49. I hate competition.
50. I hate expectations.
51. I hate when someone talks to me about him,
And brag.

So these are some of the traits of a creature called xubi
And one more thing when I am frustrated I sleep or do bad things.
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18-21, M
Dec 4, 2012