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Never Saw A Little Girl Spanked

I have a 5 yo step neice. She was spanked a lot on the bare butt with a belt but I never got to see or hear it. But she told me about it, but that is not like hearing or seeing it. I'd like to hear about little girls getting spanked on the bare butt especially girls 3 to 10.
scott2089 scott2089 41-45 4 Responses Mar 25, 2012

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hi im 13 now but i was spanked not whipped. if they use a belt its not really spanking in my view. no good old dad pulled up ma skirt slipped the panties off and spanked me. and let me tell you it hurts. i was like 6 and he kept doing that until i was eleven, then mom said i was too old for that. it never felt sexual at least not to me. but thinking back i guess it would be to an outsider or maybe even the perp. welp it makes a loud noise like slapping someone only louder, esp since i have a plump arse, not to brag or anything. i dont know why you ask i doubt you will read this but if anyone wants to know its punishment because 1 (and again im not trying to violate the response without authenticity support and respect but this really happened to me) 1. its humiliating. you have to bend over, usually over fathers knee which is like (literal not sexual) submission. ive seen girls on you tube, because i looked it up since you asked. and they dont bend down so the father ends up whipping them with belt like on the legs etc this is abuse. so after assuming the humiliating position then its also emotional because lets face it ...someone is basically slapping your arse. this is not something loving at all. its punishment. it leaves red handmarks, esp if you have light skin and it hurts when you sit down. and your nude from the waist down, with mother watching which is worse. none of that call child abuse hotline garbage in my country. welp thats about it. but yea i agree with the other posts belts are wrong. hey man thats usually cowhide. it hurts. it stings i suppose. if a hand hurts like hell id hate to feel a belt. well maybe when im older for fun lol. but honestly if you get jollies thinking about it or wanting to watch it thats a perversion. if you satisfy it once you will be chasing it again the rest of your life and who knows where that could lead you hint: some bears are in zoos

I baby sit a 10 year old girl who I spank when necessary. her name is Alissa and she is always getting into trouble. the first time I spanked her was two weeks ago for telling me a lie about her age.

Did your pull down her panties when you spanked her?

yes I did pull her panties down when I spanked her

Could you see her ***** when you spanked her?

How old were YOU at the time? Did she seem to enjoy being spanked? I sat for several who did, though the spankings were all in play. They were all well behaved kids and just enjoyed the game and loved it when I was the one to watch them.

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When I was 10, I was staying over at my friend's house. My friend got spanked frequently for things she did. I had seen her spanked a few times, my parents didn't believe in spankings, I had been curious about them and had wanted one for myself. But had never had the chance to get one.<br />
My friend and I had been running through her house, when she ran into a table, and knocked over an expensive vase. My friend's mom seemed to just appear, saw the shattered pieces of the vase on the floor, and looked at my friend.<br />
As my friend's mom began to yell at her. I told her I knocked it over.<br />
<br />
She looked at me with some trepidation, then she grabbed me by the arm and started to drag me to her bedroom. Bringing me into the room she sat me on the bed and looked at me.<br />
<br />
"Did you knock the vase over?" She asked.<br />
<br />
I nodded and told her I was sorry. She nodded, and walked over to the head of her bed and took to pillows, setting them, in the middle of the bed at the left side she told me to take off my shorts and panties and lay over them.<br />
<br />
Doing as she instructed I slipped out of my shorts and panties and laid over the pillows. She began to unbuckle her belt and I looked at her eyes wide. She saw my ex<x>pression and explained in a calm voice, slightly tight with agitation. The vase 'I' had knocked over was quite expensive.<br />
<br />
She explained how she was going to spank me, and explained that if I moved out of position I would get extras. She knew that I had never been spanked in such a way before, as I had told my friend, and my friend had told her.<br />
<br />
She folded the belt in half and cracked it across by bare bottom. I felt the burning sting and let out a scream. The pain was not something I had expected. She ignored the scream and strapped me again.<br />
<br />
I rolled over and tried to get away but her voice sharp as the belt that she used spoke.<br />
"Back over now." I looked at her, her ex<x>pression brooked no argument. Trembling I rolled over fearing if I didn't it would be worse. She continued to crack my *** with the belt.<br />
<br />
It seemed like a half an hour, but was only five minutes. After she strapped me fifteen times, she stopped. I was filled with relief, which was dashed as she spoke next.<br />
She told me that I had moved so I was going to get extras. She firmly grabbed my waist and pushed me forward so my thighs were within striking range. Taking up the belt she whipped my thighs six times. I screamed louder than when my bottom was getting strapped. After she finished she helped me up, hugged me, helped me into my panties and shorts and lead me out of the room.

wow. sounds terrible.

I was sort of expecting you to ask her to spank you. I guess you got a HUGE taste of what spanking was really like. Did the two of you ever spank each other?
I grew up in the sixties and seventies when most kids got spanked.
I did know a few who were not and would accept my offers to spank them. They were a bit surprised at OTK position since it was totally foreign to them. Most of them enjoyed the experience and wanted to play out scenerios so I oblieged them. Many of the other kids I spanked were used to it. I would only bare those who requested it because they were bared. My stories will tell you how much I enjoyed these experiences!

Getting strapped on the thighs hurts much worse than on the bottom alone. You probably learned that day that spankings hurt and unless you are "into" them, are not terribly fun--in fact they are the opposite of fun and generally not what you want to experience again.

I'll tell u a story about tht