Save The Books!

I have an irrational (maybe not totally irrational) fear. I fear that we will be living in a world without books. This book-less world seems to be approaching at an ever increasing rate. With the internet, e-readers and so few bookworms left in the world, I am afraid that in my lifetime, books will become extinct.

I know the stories are still "there". But I don't want e-readers to take over. There is something special about books. Something sacred to me. Not just what the pages say, but I love the books themselves. When I was a kid, my favorite places were dusty, disorganized old book stores. I loved the smell, the treasure hunt, the dirty old covers, the weird guy behind the register... Now Border's can't even stay in business, much less my favorite dusty hideaways.

I want to save the books before it's too late! I want to build my own library, like a book-Ark. Be the Noah of books. Collect them from all corners of the world and file them away on shelves to preserve them for generations to come.

Libraries used to be the keepers of knowledge. Places of truth. The savers of stories. I don't want the internet to take their place. The internet, with its half-truths and Cliffs notes. I don't want my books to come in a computer file. I don't want to download them. I don't want to read them on a screen.
Athingwithfeathers Athingwithfeathers
26-30, F
May 16, 2012