During A Tornado Drill At School

Once when I was in the fifth grade, I was holding a poop for my walk home, when I would normal poop my pants. About 2:30, a half hour before school was out we had a tornado. When the sirens went off we had to squat under our desk. When we did so, I realize I had the perfect excuse for pooping my pants. We were in locked down, could not leave our room to go to thew bathroom, and we were squatting under our desk. So I let go, and had a very nice firm large load in my pants. As soon as the tornado was over, I sat down in it. It was the first time I had sat in it since the 4th grade. I was a little older now and this time it was different. More enjoyable. The girl next to me ask me if I farted, but I told her I pooped my pants during the tornado and ask her not to tell. She agreed since she had a crush on me. After school, she came to my house and help me clean up. That was fun! She gave me my first kiss!
DirtypantsJoe DirtypantsJoe
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

A very clever manner for a boy to attract a girl.

lucky lol

Well not about the tornado part

Nice story! :) I wish I had that experience.