A Personal Explantion.

  the easiest way to label me would be as a lesbian. im quite comfortable being called a dyke. i encourage it; i feel no desire to be in a relationship with a man.
  i feel not so much like a lesbian at times though. if i fell in love with a man, would i really deny it, just because he is a man? would i not enjoy a sexual relationship, or anything else in a partnership, because of biology?
  i hate the simplicity of labels. people are so more complicated than that. my real preference is to think of myself as about a 5, according to the kinsey scale.

  • 0- Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual
  • 1- Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
  • 2- Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual              
  • 3- Equally heterosexual and homosexual
  • 4- Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
  • 5- Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexua
  • 6- Exclusively homosexual

  going by the kinsey scale feels better than calling myself bisexual sometimes. bisexuality is so poorly defined. i used to be completely comfortable with the bisexual label until i witnessed prejudice, sadly mostly from my lesbian family. there are a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality ranging from being greedy, promiscuous, riding the fence, etc. ive been told to my face that bisexuality doesnt exist. and it was my gay friend who said this to me.
  its hard to be accepted as the bisexual girl. youre not even taken seriously. but i know that i can be attracted to both sexes, ive been in relationships with both and can potentially enjoy sex with both. i cant say it havent felt satisfied by a man before, but i know it something that im not looking for; i dont want it.
  the same gay friend asked me, "so does this mean that youre a lesbian now?"
  call me what you want. my sexuality doesnt change. i dont believe that that is possible under any circumstances. how people may see me, and decide to label me, can change, or differ from my own. call me a lesbian; but what i am when im excited by seeing two men kissing (and such ), something that doesnt involve women at all? what am i if i like a girl in mens clothing, or a male rocking make up?
  im queer.

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i can relate to your feelings on this one. i'm queer, and i just keep trying to remind myself that anyone who tried to police my sexuality or identity is inherently oppressive and no friend of mine. so i find it helps to surround yourself with people who make you feel limitless, and if there aren't any around, enjoy being alone for a while until you can connect with people who aren't intimidated by your fluidity. community is important, but don't let anyone make you feel defined! xo

Honey, Labels are for clothes! Just be who you are and the universe takes care of the rest!

<p>i have a similar situation, i like women but i also find men attractive. If someone could shed some light on this i'd appriciate it</p>

you dont need labels. labels are there to make something easier, simpler. sex is not either. nothing is. i agree with you.

My dear you are a loving, sexual person, AMEN Don't waste your time on labels. Love yourself as you are or wait has someone labeled that too....LOL ;)

That info on the Kinsey scale is fascinating. I am a 1. I know I can be turned on by a woman, but I prefer men almost all of the time. Now if Beyonce walked into the room, that's a different story!

My very best friend is a lesbian. We are such good friends, that we have this deep love for each other that transcends the physical. We take up residence in each others heart. It's strong and good.<br />
Maybe this wasn't very relevant.....