My First Homo Sex

My name is Charlie,

The story that I am about to Share has never been exposed.(thank Goodness) before.

It took place in the mid forties, when I was a young teenager(14- 16. It is a tale of teenage lust. Although, as a young Catholic boy, it created much guilt, as well as much pleasure!

Enough for the preamble!  I had a naborhood pal about the same age, whose parents both worked, leaving the house empty all day.

So when the house was empty we would go up to the partially finished attic and fool around. This eventually led to some sexual experimentation.

That logically led to us having sex an I was always the Gurl. O'boy did I enjoy getting ____!  We did do our share of 69.

I can still remember walking home with *** running down my leg.

As a result I have lived a bisexual life.

And now, my later years, when I am singe and unattractive to the ladies, i am returning to a Homo life.


So Much for Love.


Charlie1930 Charlie1930
70+, M
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