~Oh Thy,Tin Foil Covered Knight.

Nope. No one forced me to advertize or anything.
Besides him being overly cool,without any whatsoever intention of being so-he is someone who I see,that fits the fighter definition in the dictionary,perfectly.

He's someone who hasn't given up on him,although tempted to at many times by those evil lurking monsters inside of him that told him to GTFO.
Someone who is ridiculously harsh on himself,never ceasing to annoy me.

The antonym of douchebag,if you ask me.
Someone who's been through a lot, and who still deals with the never ending problems,that consume him.
Well.. I know he can win this battle. it's not a matter of;If anymore. He WILL.

That is of course,after he saves this world from all this crap.






You mad,bro?:3

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2013

Ha, what is his name?


gealous derpette.we're ******* gealous.

LULZ! That was nice of you!


YES I'M MAD, **** YOU BRO. Oh never mind, I can't stay mad at you ;) <3

You'll get it in the mail, along with... Instructions, the time has come, when you get the instructions you will know what to do.

Be careful, I may have sent Anthrax instead, well see how much you trust me before we truly begin. (laughs evilly to self)

No but seriously, this post means a lot to me, thank you.