When We Speak Lot And Forget To Do It

sometimes unthinking we camt to understand things but we think of it and donot go to achieve it by which nothing we got to us...so stop speaking achieve it...Town on the Far Side

Spiritual Story by Paulo Coelho

A hermit from the monastery of Scete went to Abbot Theodore:

"I know precisely the objective of life. I know what God asks of man, and I know the best way of serving Him. Even so, I am incapable of doing everything I should in order to serve the Lord."

Abbot Theodore remained silent for a time. Finally, he said:

"You know that there is a city on the far side of the ocean. But you haven't yet found the ship, nor have you loaded your bags, nor crossed the sea. Why spend time commenting on what it is like, or how one should walk through its streets?"
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Aug 7, 2010