God Mercy On Me In Real

yes,what i wrote is true 2 days i was so much sick mother and other helped but not much helpful i was alone in me bearing a lot pain in myself i was even not able to getup or speak,then i just called my mother goddess durga maa and shiv shankar and krishna and ganesha all came to help me i was seeing or feeling my god in real it was real nice,for a person like me who is sinner never ever does anything good for others god came for me,in my time of pain and suffering only i had to call or ask god and god comes running to help u.This is first time i wrote something of god myself,really just one leap of faith in god and god is there for you i felt it i just wish god make me his own child forever that when i die i go to god my true carer and lover indeed which i am not.........

share any god experience u came across..bye....wish god help all bye
trij trij
Aug 8, 2010