Cheap Flights And Airfares Stress

I took on the mental challenge of trying to book a flight to another country on the internet. I knew it would be exasperating for me. Ive discovered how important it is to be fresh rested and clear in the head on what im striving to achieve. To me its a real challenge. So many variables exist.
Its very tempting to give up on the ordeal and hand it over to an experienced trained travel agent as it wears me out mentally even robbing me of the desire to go anywhere.
lafsnack lafsnack
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

gosh that pic makes me think you dont like american poltics to much

Im only following what researched writers tell of the connections of presidents with the illuminati and activities at Bohemian Grove USA. Theres a bit of research for you to do Gyps. Check that lot out.

what is molech

Its another name for satan. It was a god created and worshipped by pagans way back in early bible times. I could research more detail on it if youd like.

yea i would not go with any site that claims cheap air fare... once you get to the airport thats where they get you...