I Would

... sneak up on mewold and steal his hat...

chris914 chris914
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Sure! For you... hell yes! lol

You are invisible after all, so a very good question!

would you take off your lamp shade?

Oh okay. Well.... did you peek? hehe

Halal means it is allowed by God! you won't have to answer to God, he understands, and finds it OK.

Okay.... what WOULD you do???

Okay. You can peek...lol <br />
<br />
What does halal mean?

I will, but I'll peek! we have a saying that one glance is Halal!

Ha! Yes, that's right. You might want to close your eyes.... lol

I see you are planning a conspiracy against the mewOld, and you are going to take off your shade?!?!<br />
<br />

ya chris you grab the hat and when hes not looking ill take the trailer

nekkid with stockings? hmm... that might look funny?

No nekkid leg? Why not?

Okay. After I steal it... I'll give it to you.. :)

i already have dibbs on mewolds hat!

I didn't know that.

Sorry for the confusion ...... natives of our former colony<br />
<br />
a sour plum ..... in Scotland is actually a wee sweetie <br />
<br />

Sure.. have one? Light it up...lol

That I can do!!!!!

Na.. we're all just going to hang out right her... nekkid and drink some beer...


Well... I'm no spring chicken...lol

chris, you wouldn't want the hat anyway. It says Old Fart on it.

To say the least... lmao

It would be be a different version of Hansel and Gretel!

ROTFL<br />
<br />
THAT would not be good....

Plums sometimes cause diarrea. Do Not give plums to nekkid man, especially an "old" nekkid man.

But he sure can try!

Dang it! I thought you were not watching...

No... don't like plums. But, maybe the last word on flutters story... hehe

Chris what can i say , you have the same mature outlook on life as i do ...... about the hat ... Ive got half a bag of sour plums want a trade ?

okay... here ya go. Make sure you wash it before you give it back...<br />
<br />
I believe we have run bebe and flutts away from this thread... :(

Nudey, I didn't think of that. OK chris, I'll trade you.

The lace...lmao

can't be much of a stem.

I fear the lace would tickle his balls! lol

Hi nudey, he's trying to take my hat.

Well.. you know the shade does mount on a stem...lol

The big head and the little head!

You,ve heard the ex<x>pression,"Two heads are better than one.".

I have "two" places I can put the hat.

Oh come on... I don't look bad nekkid...lol

Okay, I'll trade ya. I'll take the hat and you take the shade.<br />
<br />
me nekkid... :-O


Maybe I could put your shade on.

Chris, I'll give a proper answer to this thread as soon as I can stop laughing!!!!!!!!!

rofl ... i didn't think of that. yeah, then he would be completely nekkid...