The Criminal In Me

i know it's against the law, but if i could be invisible for a day, i would rob a bank or brinks truck. just give me the money! hey these are hard times and i would be willing to share the wealth. LOL 

jerrica jerrica
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21 Responses Mar 12, 2009

destiney, you could be the getaway driver lol

My what a bold fellow! SG will love this!

if i was getting that kind of action, i'd want to know who it was coming from. you keep the sex and i'll take the money. money would go alot farther to solving my problems right now than sex.

If I was invisible? It will be a great thing for me.Now what is the use of money when you can get whatever you want.No need of home to sleep.I can go anywhere and anytime keeping my pr*** hard always and fu****G anybody I want.<br />
<br />
Jerica or saratoga just visualise that you are in the bath and get hot.Just there I will be to shoot and you will be surprised to see that you are getting the enjoyment but cannot see who is giving it to you.<br />
<br />
Another thing,if yoy are just fu***d in front of other people from behind by lifting your dress from behind and nobody knows that you are being sh****d and they will be able to see that feeling from your face.<br />
<br />
Yes,I want to be invisable...............

LOL! very funny. and this from the man who has never been arrested! but if we were invisible, we wouldn't have to worry about being caught, huh? that's a good idea; you keep the driver distracted and i'll grab the loot lol

Well then. She and I had better be careful. If somebody walks in I'd look like I was grinning through some spastic fit!

hmm good question. i'd think that's all you'd be able to see lol.

So. If my lover is invisible, and I'm inside her, can I still see myself?

Sorry SG. Miss J said Bi guys can just move alone. Not for her. <br />
So, so far as your offer, not even for a million bucks.

lol. forget the locker room. let me at the bank vault! i need money more than i need to see naked men.

Eeeek -- my ears were burning! So... needit is gunna go down on another man if he can have a million bucks! Wow! Maybe we could charge for admission to help raise the cash.<br />
<br />
As for what I would do if I were invisible... hmmmm... gotta think on that one...<br />
<br />
If I were a guy I'd want into the ladies locker room, but that I can do now.... and I don't want to go into the guys locker room....<br />
<br />

lol. i like that song. wish i could be invisible.

It is like the song "if I were invisible" by Clay Akin.."i already am"

LOL oh yes, now i remember. not interested in that, huh? given the choice, i'd rather be a robber. lol

Just a question she posted.

what was that? i'm open to suggestions lol

I think Saratoga Girl had a way to make a quick million.

i don't know either but it would be a hell of alot more than i have now. i saw on america's most wanted that these guys robbed an armored truck and got about 9 million dollars. i wouldn't even need that much.

Tell me, how much money can you get from cleaning out a bank or a Brinks truck? Just a guess would do fine. Thanks!

i've got a place all picked out but, for obvious reasons, i can't tell u where lol

And where are you going to put your loot?