The Medical Profession Thrives Off the Sick

I sometimes wonder if profit prevents a cure for most disease's because the medical profession thrives off the sick.

If you sit back and take a look at the medical profession it looks suspicious to me. Let's face it, they have total control. Think about it.

You get sick, you go to the doctor who has been trained by one of many medical schools. Most of the medical schools couldn't remain open it weren't for research grants from the one of the major drug companies. Those that control the purse strings control the ciricculum so virtually all medical schools teach drug dispersion as a means of correcting health issues.

The way I see it is most all drugs are toxic which means: Poison. So we go to see a doctor and he gives us a controlled dose of poison to mask our condition and make us feel better. What he doesn't tell us is; what this drug is actually doing, in most cases, it up or down regulates some gene or is blocking some enzyme. Add to that the fact that now on a daily basis deadly toxins (poison) is being added and accumulating in our body. Now, slowly, other negative things start happening to our bodies. Some of which are being caused by toxic build-up from the prescribed drug. Now another trip to the doctor to get more poison to start another cycle. Once it starts, it never ends. Before long, we need a container with compartments for Monday thru Sunday which is further broken down into morning, noon, afternoon and night. This is needed just to keep track of when what's due. It's not long before all those compartments each contain two or more pills.

Now what would have happened had the big drug companies developed something that actually cured our first problem. We'd have been cured, healthy and not going back to the doctor to get more drugs. But hey, there ain't no profit it that now is there? 

Now we have legal drug dealers who have been trained by schools which are supported by the major drug manufactures prescribing questionably legal drugs. (legal for you to have if prescribed but illigal otherwise). Now who do you think was behind that legislation? Who has the most to gain by keeping things controlled.

Now we top that off and get legislation passed that makes it against the law to obtain a legally prescriped drug from anywhere other than a sample from our doctor or a pharmacy. Hey, guess what, the pharmacist had to go to the same medical school as the doctor which is also supported by the drug companies.

Pretty good racket if you ask me. manufacture, training, sale and distribution. Throw in the fact they know the toxic side effects and what it's going to do to our bodies, they have the power to create demand for additional drugs.

Now think about all the special lab or clinical test they require us to take once a drug is prescribed. Once they get us to the point were can no longer function on our own, they will ship us off to one of their other controlled divisions. A rehab center or nursing home. But first, unless were rich and can afford it, we need to sign over all our assets to them.

The government "for our protection" ha ha, formed the FDA. May have been started for good reason. They lead us to believe that because these drugs are manufactured, tested and found safe by the FDA they are good for us. Right, if you believe that I got some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale. Safe, How may commercials have we seen on TV from lawyers involved in lawsuits brought about because some prescription drug was found unsafe. Hey, what happened to the FDA? They had to say it was safe before it hit the market. The AMA (American Medical Association) also doesn't make public that over 200,000 people die each year from the effects of prescription drugs. That's the same as one jumbo jet crashing and killing everybody on board everyday. I'm sure if a jumbo jet crashed everyday, we'd all be running out purchasing tickets on the next flight. Well, some of us might. 

I'm not trying to be all gloom and doom, nor am I trying to bad mouth doctors or some prescription drugs. What I'm trying to do is get you to look at other alternatives to prescriptions. Contrary to popular belief there are all natural (non toxic) products that work as well or better.

Also remember, doctors are no different than a car mechanic. For every good one, there is several not so good and there are still others that are just plain crooks. Some mechanics have been caught doing little things to peoples cars that lead to future repairs thus future profits. Doctor's have the same ability. They can scam us into surgery we don't need as well as load us up on drugs that will keep us coming back. The difference between a crooked mechanic and a crooked doctor is: It's much easier for the doctor to do and a lot more profitable than for the mechanic.

Where does your doctor fall? Is he the best? Middle of the road? How about the crook? It's your life, do some research on your own. The Web makes it possible for you to find out anything about everything. All you gotta do is look!

These are my thoughts and I like to think; Outside the box!

LovingGuy LovingGuy
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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

I see it all the time! Treat the symptoms OF, not Cure the problem! But lets face it, pharmacutical companies would go bust should we Cure cancers and disease, or practice preventive medicine! Boo-hoo for them! I suspect this is why natural and herbal meds. will never be FDA approved! Pharm. companies can't add their synthetics, and make millions. Oh, let's not forget the stocks bought on these drugs' behalves,and those that are reaping in the bucks for this! But the patients need to take responsibility, too! People want a quick fix nowdays. They want an insulin shot instead of exercise and diet control. They want a diet pill for the same reason. I had a patient with fluid retention that needed Lasix. A week later she also went on Sanctura so she wouldn't be up all night peeing! How stupid is that??!! I just read from a holistic company that Western medication has become quick results- poor long term results. Eastern med. has been more natural with slow term treatment or prevention- long term success and progress. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race!