Headphones Club Comrades Should Pay Special Attention To The Issue Of Hearing Protection

Recently heard more than a friend and friends tell me that they think long-term use of beats dr dre sale headphones especially ear beats dr dre headphones cheap headphones Jianjue hearing on the decline. This really is not good news. I do not want beats dr dre headphones club "Shaoyou, headphone enthusiasts, to a middle-aged, not even to middle age, had been classified as hearing-impaired family. Here I would like to remind everyone, especially ear beats by dr dre cheap headphones listening with beats dr dre headphones discount headphones listening, please be careful of listening time and volume to protect your hearing.

The most secure approach is to use monster beats dr dre headphones in a quiet environment. Are open Beats By Dre headphones, try not to use in a noisy environment, otherwise they will not consciously open up the volume, enough to cover the environmental noise, this will increase the listening volume of the monster beats dr dre headphones to the ears of the great harm.

It stands to reason that in a noisy environment, you should use the ear beats by dre headphones with sound effects (or closed-end headphones), the ears will be more than open cheap beats by dre headphones use noise protection, but in fact, many now-Ear earplugs are often designed to have low frequency very fierce, so do not pay attention to listen to the volume, then had a strong low-frequency energy in a closed ear canal, tympanic membrane will form certain harmful impact. From this perspective, open beats dr dre headphones discount is not closed ear canal, even if a strong low-frequency, damage to the tympanic membrane is also lighter.

Listening with beats dr dre sale headphones, the safest, most hearing protection practices, is in a quiet environment, the use of open headphones. Most likely to cause damage to hearing: 1) use of open monster beats dr dre pro headphones in a noisy environment; 2) more vigorous use of low-frequency ear beats by dr.dre headphones for cheap.
It stands to reason that the ears safe listening volume, the standard of judgment is: when wearing open headphones listening, can hear the sounds around, such as the voice of the people around them. But in fact, most people will feel the listening volume is too light, this volume to listen to beats by dre studio headphones, most people will think "loud enough", especially for audio-enthusiast will feel not stimulating enough. "

So this time there is to be sound, to stimulate "or" To protect your hearing ". I have noticed between the headphone enthusiast, everyone listening volume is very different, some people are accustomed to listen to the great volume, for example, if you remember a headphone party, who Stax electrostatic beats by dre headphones headphones When speakers beck and call of Shaoyou? He was not mean to destroy the headset, but his habit of listening volume is great. Still others are used to lower the volume to listen to such as I am familiar with the "happy pig" shoes.

Many organs of the ears and the man with the more fierce, you can enjoy it "life" of the shorter. Like Muay Thai is very intense and exciting, but Muay Thai is on average only live 40-year-old, very calm and "not satisfied" shadow boxing, but it can help human health and longevity. Between the stimulus and life, each person can make a choice.

Another influential factor is the specific quality and sound characteristics of headphones / earbuds. In general, the greater the distortion of the headphone system, ear damage is the greater distortion of the more minor of the system, the more light on hearing damage. From this perspective, the best use of sound quality, distortion low and high grade headphone system, have a positive sense to protect your hearing.

Headphones / earplugs sound characteristics, is a factor, especially in low-frequency characteristics. Said earlier, if it is a very fierce low frequency ear monster beats by dre detox headphones, ear damage is obvious. Similarly, the bass is very fierce and closed headphones also have this problem, because it is similar to the ear Monster Beats By Dre headphones, ear canal is closed, so that low-frequency energy "leakage" out in the enclosed space of the human ear canal, will the tympanic membrane to cause significant impact and pressure.

I personally have been more popular open beats by dr. dre headphones. Not only sound easy to do open and natural, there is no common closed beats dr dre best buy headphones coloration, and the low frequency is not easy to boom head, the impact of the tympanic membrane is lighter.
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May 22, 2012