If I Woke Up a Guy


first scream like a girl.

Then check out my package, ********** like a spider monkey, pee standing up, go outside with no shirt on.

OK that's the best part. No shirt whenever I want. You men are so privileged in so many ways but as a person who hates clothing. That's a big one.  Oh to be shirtless anytime I want. And that peeing standing up without a mess thing is pretty cool too.

I am burning with hateration over here.


KaysFun KaysFun
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2008

Some African & Latin American tribes have got "shirtless" ladies. Unfortunately, western social norms imply that a shirtless lady could be a sexual ob<x>ject etc as opposed to one who enjoys the caress of a gentle breeze on her delicate skin....<br />
<br />
I feel that to better understand the opposite sex, its good to imagine what its like to have "pectoral assets" and the absence of a "third leg" and like you I guess the reaction is quite something else... LOL

Ha, go shirtless, that's the same thing I said if I were a woman.

haha, i bet what you want to do is pretty close to what everyone else wants to too. Yea, I agree they are so privileged. Lol, I'll comment some more if I think of more things.