Oh No!

So one morning (Tuesday) i was at school when my tummy was rumbling and i thought i was just hungry or something. so after 10 minutes i needed to poo. we were in PE when i had to do high jump and we had to kick our legs up to see how high our legs go. i deliberatly went last and didnt do it when someone told the teacher i didnt do it. so i kicked my leg up and a load of diarrhea squirts onto the floor and me! sothe poop didnt stop flowing. the teacher called the nurse but she wasnt here! so poo was exploding out of my bum bum. then i bent down to take my shoes off with only increased the poop flow by 40 persent! so i ran to the neerest bathroom, and filled all the toilets, sinks then gave up and pooped all over the floor. IT FELT AWESOME BUT SCARY!!!!!
chazababez chazababez
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7 Responses May 7, 2012

Sit on me next time :) x

Who ***** in a sink

Oh God I pity u what the hell did u eat? A year's worth of chili?

filled all the toilets Man you probably ate a lot of bad food

sound like you were quite sick, how long did it last? days I mean<br />

Great story - you had guts though

the way u said bum bum sounded cute ;)<br />
was that the first time u **** your self?