Hey guys!

How are you going? I hope your doing well.

Listen, I really want to share with you something I have found to be very beneficial to me. I am currently taking supplements that provides whole food based nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains. It is also completely vegan, (and we all know that must be healthy!) Actually, Juice PLUS+ is the #1 selling whole food concentrate in the world and has been for the last 18 years.

I have been on these capsules for the last two months and so far have noticed a definite increase in energy, generally overall better mood, my skin cleared (lost all my blackheads on my face) and the most physical change was my feet. Now before you think I had some kind of deformity your wrong lol, now you know how hard the soles of your feet can get? Well mine got so hard and dry that I would be able to peel off the dead skin (sorry I know that's gross) it was a big problem for me cos it was so disgusting to look at and deal with. Well now it's nearly completely all gone! I did not soak my feet, I did not scrape it, and I did not change shoes (mostly cos I don't wear any). I think that is just amazing and if these are just some of the results showing outside my body, I wonder what my insides are doing!

If your anything like me, I fought with fatigue, heaviness, crappy feelings and just feeling down without knowing WHY. Well, we need like 5 to 7 servings of fruit and veg daily to perform at our best, and I know I can't do that! So taking the next best thing to help bridge that gap has really improved my life. It has made such an impact I am now sharing it with all my friends and family because I want to see it improve your life too.

Just check out this site http://gawlik.juiceplus.com.au to learn more about this amazing supplement.

And hey, if your interested in losing a bit of flab around that gut or butt, there is a 24 day meal plan that is perfectly designed by a personal trainer and famous health nut which incorporates these supplements and also includes choc and vanilla shakes.

Check that out here http://bit.ly/DCN24COMPLETE

If your not interested or ready to give it a go and boost your health no problem, just keep it mind and when the time comes let me know :).

Good luck out there!

Sam ;)
sgawlik sgawlik
26-30, F
Sep 2, 2014