It's a Toss Up..

I have to say I just love his slyness and wit.  His long fuzzy ears are keen on picking up the latest things to know.  I absolutely LOVE CARROTS....    there's the give away...


Bugs is who I aspire to be.  He always comes out on top, never to be outdone by that OLD ELMUR FUDDY DUDDY!

But I have to say in real life, I'm much more like TAZ:

The picture tells the story.


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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Oh, Snoopy for sure. He's such a happy pup and loves life and gets away with most anything! My best friend Woodstock would have that funny laugh of his that I could listen to and my doghouse would be decorated cool at Christmas and I'd get to be overjoyed at giving out Easter Eggs too! Yes, I'd be Snoopy in a heartbeat. I wish Charles Schulz was still here today.

I never really gave it any thought before....<br />
I can hardly believe I have never contemplated this before, because I have contemplated many a thing let me tell you...<br />
But my imimmediate thought was DAFFY DUCK! I definitely get that crazed jumping and flipping around he always does, and the thing that he does with his bill when he makes his finger or feather go up and down like he's crazy! That probably made no sense whatsoever but that's why I would be Daffy Duck. TTTHo there! <br />
<br />
(and I found some really cool pics of Daffy and i wanted to insert like you did but cannot figure out how to do it, any help on that would be extwemely helpful and appreciated! thank you very much) <br />
<br />
I love Bugs too, but he's a bit too cerebral for me! Taz is a pretty close one for me too, not far from Daffy except he doesn't speak English! lol!

Was that a cartoonist remark?<br />
<br />
~ reporting yoo ~