Take On As Many Guys As She Can Handle

If she would do anything I wanted.  I would have her dress very sexy, braless top, mini-skirt and no panties.  I would take her to a bar or an adult bookstore and have her flirt with the guys and let them feel her sexy body. 

I then would love for her to take one or more back to our motel room and fill all over holes over and over again.  Leaving her wore out and *** covered.

That would be what I would like.

want2sharenjwife want2sharenjwife 41-45, M 11 Responses Dec 21, 2009

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I've experienced this with my wife and loved every second!

Nice idea, don't think my wife would ever try tho!

My wife and I have talked about this fantasy. She wants to be blindfolded and dressed very hot and sexy laying back on a bed with her legs wide open, letting as many guys as possible to **** her. She swears she would be able to tell which one is me. I would love to share her like this and she too agrees to be shared. She is a petite black with bigs jugs, shaved p**** and tight ***. Would love to hear comments and similar experiences to help encourage us to make this fantasy a reality.

i like her to be gang banged!

Please come visit me........Mike

I would like my wife to pull a train with as many guys as she could handle. Not a ********, but each one alone with her, one after the other until she cant go no more.

Read my mess at your Whiteboard and take up on it. I tell my comms.

I would love to see her ****** by one or more too.

We have went to an Adult Book Store a couple of times, the closest she got was she had a guy eat her *****, I was the only one to **** her in the bookstore though

I would take her to an Adult Store that has booths or a main theater. Taske her int othe theater and you could watch the new show. Your wife is hot!

Sounds very hot.

I would want my wife to be a ****. She has often talked about how she would love to have a three hard dicks to play with. Ramming her *****, ***, and mouth at the same time. She often said she wanted to covered in ***.

I've told her many times I'm willing to make it reality. But she says it's only a fantasy and she would never make it a reality.