She Already Has

She already has.  We have been married for over 20 years and our sex life has been very good.  She likes to tell the story that when we first moved in together we both quit our jobs and just stayed home and ******.  One day we ****** and played all day and she ended up having 12 *******.  She is not really into toys, but I have bought her a few over the years.  We also went thru our veggie stage with the carrots and cucumbers.  Then there was the food phaze, mostly whip cream, but some other messy stuff, just to try.  We did our mfm and fmf.  She watched me **** someone else, I watched her **** someone else.  At one point or another we have licked each other from head to toe and I mean everywhere.  We have been to adult book stores, swing clubs and clothing optional resorts.  If we missed anything it wasn't for lack of trying.  She is still going strong, I need magic pills, but as I proved the other night.  Just like the song, I am good once as I ever was.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Sounds like you two have as good a relationship as my husband and I do. Keep it up (in all senses ;) )!

So much so that I actually made her "breathless" the other night. Our latest trend is a little light bondage, just so she can lay back and be pleasured. The anticipation/frustration seems to add to her climax