Almost 4 Yrs Now

Sometimes it it unbelievable to me to think back when i was not a slave to Black ****. It seems like a light year ago,for me. I still have the very first time etched into my brain how I laid across that bed in a motel,naked and spread,wanting it,yet totally scared that he would do me harm if I refused. Maybe rape,but I was willing to have this stranger **** me. Afraid to say no,afraid to stop him. afraid to miss out on this sex. All my fears went away,by the second thrust of his penis. My life was changed for ever on the third plunge of his giant ****.
He taught me so many new adventures. I was his slave and he knew it. He farmed me out to several of his friends and I was amazed to find out that i loved all the sex. 3-somes,4-somes and *********. Ijust could not say no to blackcock. I think it is the force and superior personna that black men have that makes me want to allow them to use me totally. I learned to swallow,take it anally and ask for more. My ***** was used and possibly abused,by black ****,but my legs were always open to the next stiff black ****.
Last year a new co-worker came into the office. She was married like me and 45 years old. We worked side by side and soon became good friends. She asked why i always seemed to be so happy and I would just smile. we went for drinks one nite and after a few rounds I finally told her my story. She was very intrigued and asked if there was a possibility that she could join me one time. I asked my man and he of course said yes. We met and had a 3-some he ,me and him. The next day she told me that she had never felt so good after sex and wondered if she could join me in enjoying black sex. We found her a man and the four of us ****** on a weekly basis. This went on for 3 months. Then she told me she had told her husband and he was ok with her being ****** by black men and also he wanted to watch her in action. We set up a meeting her friend,mine and her husband. We went to my mans apartment and things got hot quickley. I was a little shy with him watching ,but forgot him completely by the second round of screwing. The men had finished us ,when my man told her husband to clean us up. I wasn't sure what he meant,but when he went down on his wife and licked the *** from her I understood. Then it was my turn. I had never been with any one other than my husband and black men,so having a white man licking my ***** was a first. I was not sure about it but my told me to go along with it. He was good to say the least. I came twice on his tongue. From the corner of my eye I saw my man nod at him and he moved over me,his **** hard and he slipped inside mt slickness. Thoughts raced through my mind. A white man ******* me,was this adultery, Black men are one thing ,but another white man? He ****** me and it did feel good. I remember thrusting upward to meet his **** and feeling that it was good. i looked over at Susan and she was smiling at me. we held hands as her husband came in me. I lay exhausted after he pulled out of me. Then Susan went down on me. Oh,my God. A women eating me out. Where Have I gone. We talked the next day at work and she told me that was her first also and that she had always wanted to taste a woman and took the chance that I would go along. Susan and her husband and I have met about 6 times over the last 4 months. John ******* me slowly and lasting well inside me,while her man ***** her next tot us. Truthfully i have become to enjoy John ******* me,but no way as much as black ****.
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Great story Debbie :)

My wife will **** either white or black, she doesn't care, she just wants men to use her! I love watching &; sharing her, especially with a black guy! Watching a black dude on & in her is fantastic! Please add me!

That is a very hot story. My wife would never let a white man **** her now as she feels sex with white men is very wrong, but if it helps getting your friend's husband to accept her going black maybe it is worth it.

Although you say you enjoy it, you know that white males will never **** you as good as black men.

I wish I could convince my wife to do this! Thanks for sharing your hot story.

thats a great submisssive to that big black **** he stretches your white *****

Sounds like a lot of fun for everybody!

very good job.