My Hurt Feelings

When I get hurt I typically don't say anything. I try to work it out in my head and avoid confrontations. Maybe it's not the best thing to do but it's just the way I am I think. If asked I say what Im feeling but no one ever asks or even notices.
Im good at covering up my hurt feelings. I try to let things go and give people second chances too. But after that, Im done. I turn off to that person if they do it again. May not be fair since they may not know they made me feel this way but that's just me.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I understand, because I too have done this as well. Now I try to clarify first before cutting the person off...some aren't aware of what they do after all,<br />
so in this respect I am fair and seek the higher good with hopes of restoration if at all possible. I am not perfect that's for sure.Thank you for sharing....I think we try to protect ourselves sometimes too much as well, and this stems from fear of going deeper into ourselves more so than anything.

I agree...thanks for reading and commenting.

You are welcome....we should talk!

I think that's a fairly common reaction, a reasonable person will tolerate just so much...then turn off , as you say

Yes, like a light switch! LOL Thank you for your comment.