Don't Shout, It's Rude...

Typing solely in caps is like shouting. So, unless your Caps Lock key is stuffed, do not speak to me with it on for a whole message. I just won't answer you.

If you have eyesight troubles, many software programs are available to magnify text on screen.

Thank you for respecting me.


TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
4 Responses Sep 23, 2008

Maybe a) they enjoy shouting (so many people do! Just listen to talk radio.); b) they haven't figured out how to release the Caps Lock key (its at the farthest left side of the keyboard, peeps. You're welcome.); or c) they think it's hip, cool, or outre (newsflash: it's not). <BR><BR>In any case, I think a politely worded admonition such as this is just the ticket. TheRealWoman, thank you. I think you've performed a valuable public service today! :)


You can definitely tell the people who've never had any formal keyboarding/word processing classes. These are the ones who seem to love to type everything in caps. They do not seem to understand the rules and subtleties of keyboarding etiquette. The inflections produced by using the caps, italics, or bold functions. Of coarse these days it is so very easy to tell the difference between say someone like myself, who's been working with computers/offices for over 15 years, and someone who's grown up keyboarding on the computer.<br />
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I'm a very outspoken person so I love the fact that when I want to convey my real life enthusiasm or irritation, I can use caps.!<br />
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:-) I agree. I've never understood why people feel compelled to shout when they wouldn't in RL...or maybe they would!