Diaper Disciplined Sissy Husband

This time "I" Missy is the one writing this story while my Sissy husband sits next to me ************ when I tell him to by tugging on his leash. His hands are cuffed naturally and I have him blindfolded so he can only hope I don't post his real name and some pictures for the world to see.
Right now I have him dressed in his diaper, pink plastic baby pants, stockings, 5" high heels and lacy bra. To keep him quiet I stuffed the strap on ***** i use when i punish his ***, into his mouth and told him not to let it fall out. His hand are cuffed and strapped to his chastity belt so if he drops the ***** by talking he won't be able to pick it up. I just tugged on his leash and i am gigling watching him pet his little **** and moan when I tell him to. He really is my good little sissy boy and he has accepted it.
Now, I "Missy" just returned from a 2 week trip away from home and Sissy Boy did not do as he was told over the phone so I have decided to teach him a lesson once and for all. I have read various ways to get him to cut down on his drinking but none seem to have worked. I have used "diaper discipline: in the past but always lacked the follow up a domination that is really required. Recently I have read other peoples posts and I have picked up alot of information I intend to use to once and for ll, break my subby hubby's drinking habit and humiliate him into becoming submissive to me sexually.
"Davey" (my husbands real name...has a enlarged prostate and has undergone treatments that have left him partially urinary incontinent. He has been wearing diapers on and off for a few years now. I tease him abot it, especially when he is getting ready for bed and has to stuff booster pads inside his overnight diaper and then slip into the hot noisy plastic pants I insist he wear to save our bed linens from his often accidents. Davey was a childhood bed wetter until he was almost 14 and had to wear diapers secretly when we first started dating until he grew out of it.
His misguided parents and other relatives even "locked" him into a pair of plastic paby pants with a cahin around the waist and a small padlock. His "disciplinarian" Aunt used "petticoat Punishment" on her sons and when Davey misbehaved she forced him to dress as a girl in short skirts and go out in public. She even had her daughter Daveys cousin, be allowed to change his diapers after he was forced to wet himself. All of this I only learned recently and after 30 plus years of marriage. It explains alot of things and also gives me insight as t how to attempt to control him for his own good.
So i am sharing my methods with those other dominant wives trying to diaper discipline and feminize there submissive husbands.
My "little sissy girls" deepest fear is that he will e "found out' as to being partially incontinent, forced to war diapers and because of me, forced to weare feminie clothes. I have a big familywith a few sisters and Davey knows if I told them his secrets, the teasing would never end. As a kid when he wasforced to dress as a girl and "pss' he remembers all to well it was not the fear of being dressed like a girl, it was the fear of being exposed as a sissy boy trying to pass as a girl. So now that he is a senior citizen and continues many of his bad habits, I have this time threated and will do what he fears the most...tell my isters and others that he wears diapers AND likes it!
Davey has suspected for some time that my sister "Susan" knew he had to use "pads"diapers and other protection. I
Truth is after she spotted Male Depends in my shopping cart 3 times she sort of got the idea...I noticed he turn her head with my sissy hubby would walk past her since the ristle of his plastic pants I make him wear is obvious. On "unannouced' visis Davey was in tight fitting lightweight shorts and his dipaer was OBVIOUS...but Sue being a good person said nothing as she figured it was a health issue. Secretly and now thatI am telling all...I told her months ago about Daves bed wetting, having to insist he wear thick diapers, hot plastic pants and sleep on a protective mattress pad. Unfortunatley the muscles that control his urinary spincter are weakening and he really needs to be diapered 24/7...
I accepted this, but decided that alot of it was because of his drinking and so on, that he deserved a little teasing from me and I do it to keep him somewhat in line. I have taken photos of him in his sleep wearing his diaper, snap on pink plastic pants and white stockings for his legs which I tid together also.....I even bought him a "onsie" to help hold the diapers in place and give him more confidence tha the tops of his "shame" would no t pop out over his pants tops as they have in the past causing him great embarrassment in public. I started making him wear womens lingerie because the diaper was or could be a health explanation, the lingerie is not able to be explained and strickly says he is a sissy under his wifes control.
So again...HERE IS WHAT I HAVE HIM DO DAILY without argument or he will find himself exposed publicly, " humiliated, he will find pictures of himself in his "outfit" pinned up around town unless he complies with what I ask.
My little sissy girld is kept diapered 24/7, period. He/she is not allowed to use the bathroom to go tinkle but naturally bowel movements are aloowed in the toilet. "Sissy" is to have NO HAIR at all on his genitals, legs, ubder his arms...he only is allowed some chest hair since it would be obvious something was wrong. Sissy has to keep his toenails painted light pink! and his fingernails have to be polished also...not pink, too obvious, rather a neutral sleshtone color thats not too obvious, but noticeable by any waitress or person who would stare at them. I love to watch how her has o try to hide his hands when we eat out, or when he is paying the check and so on. I doallow him to take the fingernail polish off when he goes for his blood tests, but to compensate i make him wear a soaking wet diaper and bra so he feels very nervous being touched by the nurse.
its summer and bareefoot is common and his pink toenails show very prominintley. He almost forgot the other day and answered the door without shoes or socks on for a UPS deliery. He remembered last second and slipped into a pair of loafers. I let him wear acua shoes or closed somewhat toed andals when he swims in our lake evn when guests are over. He constantly is trying to hide a pink a boo pink toemail from showing and so on. I even make him wear his diaper into the lake which swells up like a ballon and forces him to have to stay in the wther till no one is around. Keep in mind I bought and make him wear those "locking" institutional plastic pants so he cants take the diaper off, but must wait till no one is aroun and struggle to get out with the massive weight of it etc. Sometimes I let him go in the lake with his bathing suit, ut I insist he throw me his trunks leaving him naked in the water. And since he has NO pubic hair AND I WRITE IN RED MARKET "SISSY' right above his ****...he really is "exposed"....after I leave him in the water for awhile I take pitty and go out and throw him a blak pair of my "boy cut" panties so he can get out...there not a bathing suit but they do cover him better than nothing...I love to watch how he carefully climbs up the ladder holding onto the waistband so the panties don't fall down, then how h walks quickly to the house hopeing no one would notice...
I tease him that "next time" I'm going to throw him one of my 1 piece flowerey suits and make him wear it...or a short black "skirt" that would leave his little shaved **** practically showing as he walks to the house, only to find the door locked and me giggling saying..."walk around to the front of the house"...I'll let you it...hope no one sees you? Other times I just make him sit outside in the black panties until they dry before I let him in He gets so embarrassed and nervous...naturally I am going to someday join him outside, let him have a shirt to help cover his slave collar and take him for a a walk around the yard on the retractable black line hardly noticeable leash...Oh that no to worrysome for him EXCEPT. he has to have his hands cuffed behind his back...making him almost helpless at at my mercy.... Back to the diaper discipline...sissy gets 3 diapers a day! AND I MAKE HIM PUT ON LL THREE IN THE MORNING ONE OVER THE OTHER...Bulky ! Hot, humiliating and thats exactly the point. Sissy can barely cross his leags from the size of the padding between his leags, he sort of "waddles" since its impossible to keep his legs tight together...As he wets himself WHICH HE MUST DO! (I made him swear to me that he would not eer try to hod his pee, I want him to become totally dependant on the diapersby forgetting how to use the sphinter muscle and someday maybe I will try to potty train him again! I doubt it, I like having my little girl acting much mor timid, I love to see his face when I know he is wetting himself...which he has to tell me if he knows he is peeing so I can giggle and tease him about being a good little sissy, wetting himself like the good baby he is, worried his Missy wont let him change his soaked diaper for another 3 hours!...say pretty please , please can i change my diaper Missy.... Other ways I am training him is by saving some of his "***" or as I call it his "Sissy Cream"...I put a teaspoon full in a small tupperare mini container with the label showing "Sissys Cream"...I refrigerate it but take it with me sometimes when we go out for breakfast. Sissy never knows when...but when he sees the small container come out of my purse and onto the table, he knows I am going to force him to eat a spoonful or his own *** in public, from the spoon Missy holds up to my mouth and watch me swallow it!...Once he refused and pleaded with me "missy" to put it/mis it into his coffee...No, Missy thinks thats not humiliating enough so I "Missy" will wait till that pretty young waitress comes over and if you have not eaten your cream AND licked the spoon clean I swear I will wave the spoon around and tell her you would not take your medicine like a good boy...Oh and the "sissy Cream" container stays on the table! I like to further tease him by taking my finger and wiping up every last drop of his *** then i stick it into his mouth, being sure to rub a little on the outside of his lips whiich i make him leave there for me and others to see. I'm always sure to make the comment LOUDLY...infront of som woman close buy "Davey, whats that on your lip?...looks like cream, wipe your face!....My little sissy cringes but knows he must obey.
Lastly...as if all this is not enough...my sissy has to wear a minimum of 3 feminine articles of cloathing EVERY DAY...in addition to the diapers and rubber pants...it varies, somedays panties, a bra and sissy socks...other days maybe pantyhose whatever Missy wants and says to wear...I make him wear stockings with shorts sometimes when we go out of town, and I make sure people see him that way...He begs to be allowed to wear high knee socks to partially hide his shame and sometimes I let him, othertimes NO...He rides in the car with his pants down and I like to tease him by letting high trucks pull next to us and get an eyefull of his sissy pants or worse...he is not allowed to cover himself. I have made him try on clothes in a dept store and pass me his actual pants which leaves him diapered and in panties in the store changing room till I decide to reun his pants...sometimes I leave him in there 20 minutes and threated naturally to lave the store!...HE frets and begs me not to...
I even make him once in awhile change his diaper in the LADIES ROOM...while I watch the door...I "Missy" have walked into a "out of the way"ladies room and insisted sisy come in and join me in the handycap stahl...I CHANGE HIS DIAPER and watch that no other woman comes into the ladies room...I make sissy stand behind the toilet so his feet don't show...I love to see his face when I am taping up his diaper and someone walks in at the worst moment..He has to freeze stil, flush the toilet to cover any brething, and pray the woman leave...This is risky however and I use it only as a BAD PUNISHEMENT...
As for me Missy, what do I get...well...a milder mannered subby hubby, A "MAID" THAT WIPES ME CLEAN AFTER i PEE...BELIEVE ME HE DOES IT GENTLY AND WHEN i CALL HIM SINCE he spends 10 minutes a day BETWEEN MY LEGS "LICKING" ME EITHER THRU MAY PANTIES OR DIRECTLY ON MY ****....Its what he is good for...and I use him, why not...he cannot preform erectile wise the way he used to...and lets face it he is "wet" much of the time. As a token jesture of his devotion to me, and my keeping his punishments a secret, and to make him think twice about drinking...I save about a shot glass of my "missy's" pee when I go, refrigerate it...and when Davey decides to "drink" he must always...first get into high heels, stand infront of the bar and know he is going to have his *** penetrated!,,,He knows he will have to wear his but plug! in his *** the next time we go out...AND before he sips that first Martini, he has to down theshot of my pee first...Urine is sterile, won't hurt, probably tastes horrble, but so does booze...BUT IT MAKES THE POINT...yu are my issy and will do what I say or you will be sorry.
Sometimes I chain the long end of his locking baby pants to a Walmart shopping cart when sissy is inthe store...normally AFTER making him wear open toes sandals that he tries to hide his toenails from view by walking away from other shoppers etc...but it does not always work and he as bbeen caught a few times...the chain I lock to the cart making it impossible for him to go anywhere without the cart...then I like to tease him by putting a big bundle package of MENS DEPENDS on th cart lower level where he can't reach it!...I pull his cart into the ladies lingerie dept and watch him squirm...I even left the store once leaving him this way knowing he can't leave and must continue to walk around to avoid being laughed at even worse...I am mercyful and go back, unlock him but still make him stand in the front of the store so I can see his face when I tell the teenage checkout clerk, the diapers are for "him"...he is in training...I ordered a shir t that SISSY WILL WEAR that says,"My wife uses Diaper Discipline on me" and I like it...

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Wonderful description of your day-to-day life with your Sissy Husband, SisHub12. I truly enjoyed reading it and found it quite inspiring and also exciting, as did my Sissy. Keep up the good work as you Train, Feminize, and Diaper Discipline your Sissy Hubby, and be sure to continue telling us all about it!

Thanks for your comment..I found in EP that you are the Master of your Sissy "Dannie"...how nice you are friends on EP..I read this 3 stories and GOT SOME GOOD IDEAS for use on my SisHub12...the first was making HIM type this message to you and finally posting his profile pic of him in his diaper and onesie...as yo said..please share the stories...