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Cyrsti's Closet

This time, I really was in the closet and found an old friend!
The "friend" was a purse I hadn't worn with an outfit forever!
I just had spent an hour working on my own nails( which is a art form I am just attempting to master) so with the nails and the purse, I felt especially good about my overall look.
I was headed to my regular pub for a quick evening of video trivia. My outfit did not need to be anything very flashy.  Jeans and flats and a low cut top put me into the "blend" zone with the other women in the pub.
I'm still enamored with my blond hair and can't wait for mine to get long enough to experiment!
It was certainly fun to find an old friend in the closet!!!!!
cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T 3 Responses Jan 30, 2012

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i wish i had the guts to go out dressed.

Yes, it is a HUGE deal. I went out with a CD friend a week or so ago and after she figured out she could still breathe she was fine and we didn't even go to a gay bar! I was sooooo happy for her :)

I remember many of my early trips out as being a blend of scary, thrilling and breathless.

i would really need to look like a woman before i went out.

Good luck! Please let me know how that works out for you!

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Nails, handbags, make-up, etc. All the wonderful things that make the female experience what it is. The toughest thing for me to get used to when dressing is the absence of pockets.

Fabulous for you sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Thanks Sammi-hugzzzz