13 And Possibly Pregnant

Obviously, I'm 13. I've made the mistake of having unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend (twice) about a week and a half ago. I plan on buying a pregnancy test by myself.. I feel that if it comes out positive then my life will be over. I don't know what to do yet, and I'm going for my usual check up at the doctors tomorrow. If nothing comes up about pregnancy since my last period was almost two months ago, then I will buy the test myself. I'm upset and very scared, but I can understand that what I did was not very smart in the first place, I was pressured. As you can tell, most teenage minds do not make good decisions while under pressure. Although I do take full blame for my actions..
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I'm sorry. will you keep the baby. im some what a teen dad.

im in the same postion

Don't think of it like that.... If you are pg, you can do it, your life won't be over, you will get older along with your baby, and everything will be ok

I'm 13 still think boys have cuties. Haha I'm joking but having a boyfriend would be nice, if I were likeable..

why do you say that? why don't you think people like you

Hi clwo518,
i just want you to know your life is not over if you are pg.You are a normal teenager that made a choice. I'm so sorry you are not talking to someone about this. Its hard being your age (i know i have been there) I made some pretty big choices myself and had no one . Im so sorry you are going though this alone . Is there anyone you trust you can share this with? please don't be afraid. I know there is someone who is going to help you.where are your parents?or parent ?do you have anyone to talk to?im praying for you and remember God is allways with you and you are never alone. Please don't be afraid its going to be ok.please write soon ill watch for you post. Godbless20