Me and my boyfriend got intimate a month ago and he pulled out but I'm worried about pre*** I asked I'm about it and he said he doesn't have pre*** and that if he did that I wouldn't get pregnant but I think that there's a chance that I could be pregnant but is it even possible to get pregnant by pre***
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Get a pregnancy test kit thing. Make that two.

There could be a possibility I'm not a doctor but that's what I know, research put in that guys don't have precum which he is right about but there could be low traces of ***** or no ***** at all, it's highly debated though considering its missing the main chemicals associated with regular ***********. So probably if there is enough and with the little traces it might have you will get pregnant with precum, it's a theory though so you might or might not, but as many teachers doctors and friends will say use a condom

At least that's what my knowledge perceives. And what my friends education got :-)