God Is Good !!!

I do not believe that my story is any different than anybody else's.  I grew up in the Midwest in Illinois 2 to 3 hour south of Chicago and it was much safer than it is today.  I can remember that we did not lock our houses and many times the keys to the car were still in the ignition.  My dad was in World War II and my uncle was in the Korean War.  I dropped out of school at the age of 17 and immediately joined the Navy and went to Vietnam.  After getting out of Vietnam I found that I was not well received and like many young people turn to drugs and alcohol.  But I'm glad to say that there was somebody that took time to share the scriptures with me and to save me from the drugs and alcohol.  I found a job with the phone company and stayed with it until I retired but the interesting thing was when I reached 40 my body began to change and I began to put on weight. A bad thing when you like to eat like I do and I began to outgrow my clothes on a continual bases. As I reached my sixties I began to realize that this is not healthy for me because my dad suffered with diabetes and died prematurely because he would not take care of himself.  My mother has gain a lot of weight and has some very serious knee problems because of it.  A friend of mine who I trust and have a lot of confidence in shared a very amazing product with me.  I did some research on the product and drove it around the block as one might say and the more I found out the more excited I got.  Here was a product that would help you to lose weight but would also replaced the nutrients and vitamins and minerals that your body needed.  Allowing me to not only lose weight but to feel better and have more energy than I had had for a long time.  The other thing that I found interesting was that in the past different products would continually drain your purse.  But here was a product that by sharing with others and helping them to achieve their goal and to lose weight you could get your's for free.  My friend who shared this with me has lost weight and has increased his energy exponentially.  Life is much better when you're healthier and you have more energy and you're not a slave to your house.  If you're interested you can e-mail me at "rcgard46@gmail.com" my name is Reggie.

61-65, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I can't help it but wonder why your story here has no comment.. And i would be happy for you if you have received some e mail from people who read your story.When i start to read your story in the beginning i thought its going to be a real good life story. But as i read on i can't help it but beginning to feel that there may be a motive in this. Sorry.. Then i relised that this may be the reason why there is no comment. Please don feel sad or anything. i am only trying to give a feedback. I am also writing today is because i use to share anything that i think is good, be it a product,food or knowledge. In todays world,i find people always jump the gun and think i have a motive too.So sad.. and it just make me more caution this days. I believe we have both learn something today. Well,,, i wish you good health,many blessing and 3 cheers from Singapore here..