First of all, "I am an alcoholic and addict"
Secondly, I'm a sixteen year old girl, I've been addicted to cutting for 5/6 years, addicted to sex for 2 years, addicted to weed for about half a year, and an alcoholic for 2 years. 10 weeks ago I decided to quit these four things. My progress so far, factoring in relapses:

Cutting: 5 days
Weed: 10 weeks
Consensual Sex: 9 weeks
Alcohol: 2 weeks

Tonight I decided to give up on quitting......I am not strong enough to handle giving up on the things that have kept me sane over the years....I don't have the therefore, I am giving up...
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I am an alcoholic and after drinking non stop for the last 40 years and trying to end it all 3 times. I had to stop so I did and I have been sober now for 2 1/2 years. It's the hardest thing that I have ever done, but with the right help I am doing well although the urge is still there to just go out and have 1 drink, it will not be just the 1 though. So please keep trying and try to stay strong.

Congratulations on 2 1/2 years!! I'll keep trying :) coming up on a year of being clean from some things :)

Well done I'm sure you will get clean. Just believe in yourself and don't let others put you down and thank you.

Ive been drinking since I was fifteen, same with smoking and I started getting high at seventeen. I get you quitting is so f'cking hard, but is possible I tried it once, unfortunately I got worst after that. I'm also a sexual being, but I think rather out of addiction I just do it to feel someone loves me for a night, so I can't really tell you it's wrong when I am just like you, although I hope you find a way to stop this.