Starting Wetting The Bed Again At 6 Years Old

My Mom left my Dad and me when I was almost 6 and moved to another state. I'd been dry at nights since I was 4 but for some reason I started wetting the bed again a couple of days after my Mom left. I'm 18 now and still wet the bed almost every night.
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Hi there,

have to say this sounds O, so familiar, but as long as you are happy WHO CARES, life is too short to be miserable, I am almost fifty and still wetting at night, although it's my nappies now and not my bed..!

I am 30 f i have never had a dry night in my life and i love it

I started wetting the bed when I was 22.

I'm nearly 50 and still wet most nights

im 18 going on 19 and im sadly still wetting :(

i had a UTI as well but then stress brought it back