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I have been a Christian for most of my life. I have to admit there have been many many times when I haven't acted like I was though. I have a friend that flat out refuses to go to church because she says they are hypocrites. To some extent she is right but I also know that no one is perfect if they were we wouldn't even need to be forgiven. I'm not even close to being perfect and I know that. I try not to judge anyone because I'm no better. Besides Jesus loves us all. No matter who we are or how bad we have messed up in the past. I'll add more later but just tell me your thoughts. Jesus Rocks!

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I agree. I have wonderful church friends. Not because they are perfect, they're not. But because we share a love for God, a heart to worship and follow Him and to encourage one another. It's quite beautiful. Not perfect just wonderful. I love it.

Thank you all for your comments! You are all right!

Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

Most Athiests are more concerned about who's right and who's "an idiot".They complain about how unfairly they've been judged,then turn around and do the same.I'm not taking sides,I'm just stating facts.Some people believe revenge will make things right for them,but it only causes more problems.There are too many people griping about beliefs to even see their own lack of morality."Oh,we can be moral too".Well,prove it! Be "the better man" and just walk away when an annoying Christian starts waving their bible like a maniac.I've had SO MANY people catapult themselves over my points about God because they're SO offended I even believe in something They just read key words that trigger that defense mode and get all mad because I believe in something that has been proven time and time again (though science) to exist.The more they argue,the less intelligent both sides sound.One is spouting off biblical chapters like it's a virtual exorcism,and the other one is spurting out "scientific theories" as if a theory proves anything of fact.

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I think your right in that people are quick to point fingers at Christians in general. They forget that we are all human. I just try to remember that Gods judgement is the only one that matters.

I completely agree.

I agree with you. <br />
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I find it somewhat annoying when I say that I greatly admire the priestly vocation and people reply with condescending or derogatory remarks such as "I've heard too many cases of priest pedophiles on the news". I am not excusing priests who actually do such things but such actions have nothing to do with the ideal of Christianity or the nature and aim of priesthood. It is a deviance; but there are also deviance in the behaviour of atheists or agnostics. <br />
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Like you say, nobody is perfect. We are all sinners. But while we should condemn evil actions, I think it is too simplistic and judgmental to condemn Christianity in itself or to point the finger at the majority of Christians who are trying to follow their ideal but inevitably stumble at some point.