Near Miss!

I'm dressed as I write this: black 5-inch heels, black body-con top and dark blue linen pencil skirt over black pantyhose, all over the top of my "base layer" which shapes and conceals.

I wanted to get some photos in sunlight, rather than indoor artificial light, so I worked out that I could go out of the back of my building in reasonable privacy and maybe pose there.

So, I'm just getting my camera ready, and suddenly I hear the crackle of a car on the gravel drive that runs round the side of my building: there's shared parking back there and some people use it while at work.

I run, but the ground is really rough and running in 5 inch heels is not going to go well: I think I made it around the corner before anyone really clocked me, but I damn near broke my ankle trying!
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5 Responses Sep 5, 2012

We are so funny trying to do this to ourselves.

Lol... I guess you had to be there... Time plus tragedy equal humor... I bet you can laugh now... But back then... I can feel the terror... A special type of terror that I can also understand

lol , sounds scary and exciting too... did you get the photos you were looking for ?
I like to see myself too , but It's difficult to hold the camera and pose and blah , blah , balh.... I could use a hand or two ... lol

My hiding place was damaged and my wife almost found my stash! I know how you feel, except for the heels. I am a UK 10 so I am yet to find something that fits!

I sure am happy you didn't hurt your sexy self babe!

It surely hurts, but not so much that I can't wear heels :)

Thank heavens sugar! If I were there I'd rub it and kiss it and give you a pedi!