In Secret

I am a cross-dresser hiding in the closet I want to come out I am bi too . Help me ?
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i am secret cd too . luv wearing nylons , high heels , going out late at night wearing just a bodystocking and high heels and or thigh length boots . with just an overcoat over me and nothing else , then when i build enough courage and a quiter bit of road , my coat comes off and im walking outside down the street in really sexy grey nylons , really short tight skirt and heels , with my great legs and my wig on , im bi too , would luv to talk to you

we sound a lot alike. I used to hide on the dark streets for my walks. but then became more bold & have gone to dr at Veterans clinic completely dressed as a woman several times. I also went to casino where my ex girl friend was working as she saw me completley dressed like a girl in the casino.

hey i have recently came out if you want to chat add me and we can just talk if you want <3

Well for starters, posting pictures dressed with you showing your face is a great start! you just have to embrace yourself and understand that this is a part of you and you should not be ashamed of yourself... There is no reason to hold it all in, I came out because I always got a huge rush whenever I told someone about "me". Whether the reaction was good or bad. But one thing you have to remember, once you come out you are going to realize who your true friends are and that is gonna give you the advantage because then you are going to know who you can trust with ANYTHING!. It's a win-win, what are you waiting for??

It's going to be really tough at first..... really really tough, just embrace yourself and be proud.. Never be ashamed and it will work for you in the long run!

This is me as well! Maybe we can help each other. we don't u add me as a friend?

Omg "Coming Out?" really...It's the wrong thing when you're young. There's a time and place for everything. You got to have a job/ career and your own place to live. I live my life in secert for awhile. My family/ friends don't need to know. I haven't change in their eyes even though I wear a dress once in awhile. I'm Bi- too. But I don't need to tell the whole world. So why?