Compulsive Lingerie Collector...

It started when my buddys in the neighborhood and I would snoop around first in the piles of dirty laundry in our basements,smelling and trying on each others big sisters and mothers pantys,bras and slips...and then making our way to the coveted lingerie drawers in their bedrooms...I always got an instant erection when showing off in sexy nylon pantys,and as the taboo aspect of this practise became more real as we grew up,so too did the sexually arousing rush that accompanied this fetish.when I discovered the musky scent in the panty crotch,it only added another facet to this mystique,completely drawing me into a lifelong addiction which I learned was frowned upon by most women,and rarely admitted by most collection grew as I added pieces procured from girlfriends,sisters of guy friends,to raids conducted on laundromats,and college dormitories.funny how it started w/only pantys and progressed thru the years into every type of lingerie imaginable!now im even turned on by lace,and or shear tops,and miniskirts...anything feminine and sexy!
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What was your most unique find?

I was working at a university checking door locks during the summer. I went into every room on campus as was told to check the locks and go through each room to make sure it was empty.

There were separate dorms for guys and girls...when I was in the guys dorm, one room had a bag in the closet. I wasnt told to not look in things so I opened up the bag and found a virtual treasure of panties and lingerie...still have some of the pieces of my find even today!