Ok, I'm A Male And I Sometimes (but Not Always) Dress In Female Clothing.

So I'm pretty sure that makes me a crossdresser. And since nobody considers it crossdressing when a female dresses in male clothes, I guess all crossdressers (including myself) are M-f.
RayanneA RayanneA
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1 Response May 13, 2012

RayanneA, There are women that are Fto M crossdressers. I know women have taken over most male clothing anyway but there are women who totally present as male. They tape down their breasts, take hormones to help grow facial hair and take on male mannerisms. I am also a MtF crossdresser, I do not totally present as a woman but love wearing panties, stockings, skirts and such. I guess I am a CD from the waist down. Someday I will work on the rest of me;.

Get with it. It's fun and feels good. I don't always (or very often for that matter) look like my profile picture, but enjoy it when I do.