Neither Hear Or There

I don't really fit in anywere. I feel like a woman but most of the time i have to look like a man. i feel cofertable with wemon, however I stick out most of the time. i never really hang out with men, it's just not me. but when i have to live as a man that were i look like i have to be. I feel just like one of the girls. weather i am dresses or not that is my nature. i just hate feeling like i am stuck between the genders. lost Not quite hear how ever not there. Just feeling like i have no safe harbor.
Wemon who do acept me only see me as a girl freind, others think i'm a freak. men think i'm gay, but i am only attrackted to wemon. it's like i have no defineable place that people can understand.
i want to find love but what woman id going to accept all of who i am.
were do i meet her. Is she real?or am i do to be alone for ever.
all i want is to to be me i hate dressing like a man and truely acting like a man because it is an act. i want to so much to be free of this veil that covers my true beuity underneath. i want, i need to make my own place were i can be comfortable in my own skin. i want to be free to be feminine, to be my self.
oh so tired of hiding Breanna
Breannashygirl Breannashygirl
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

first of all thank you ladies for the advice. second I don't know whats up with my settings but I have ben trying to work on it.

Hun if u feel good in girls clothes wer them al time nothing wrong it. But if u still feel bad go talk to ur doc they mite b able to help