First Time

I remember the apprehension I had the first time I decided to try a tampon. I was about 16 or 17 and had decided I just had to find out what one felt like. Went to the bathroom where mom kept her supply, took one out and pulled off the paper cover. It was a supersize, and I remember thinking how big it felt and wondering if the string would pull off when I tried to pull it out. I finally got the courage to insert it so I laid on the floor on my side and started to loosen up my hole to get it in. It felt HUGE lol. I've been hooked ever since.
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:) I remember that first time too

Every month, I use tampons for five days and they always give me pleasure too

I feels so good to do that. I once put 2 batteries in a condom and inserted them, the way they moved around inside was such a turn on.

Attach a ring,to the tampons so that you can pull them out!.....So invigorating as you walk1

I have used 3 for sometime now.I love to put water in and let them grow.It feels great to be so full.

I haven't tried two yet, but I might have to. That's sounds very filling :)

Ive tried 3 :) nice and filling

Have you tried 2?

try putting ky or Vaseline on it

Well I think Jessica has something new to try, Thank you!

I left it in for about 30 min that time, but I've gotten to wear I can leave them in for hours now. Never had any problem pulling them out, though I have found that if they are a little moist when you insert them, they are much easier to pull out.

Try putting a couple of ice cubes in first and the tampon will swell as the ice melts.

Hmmm, that's one thing I haven't tried yet. How long did you keep it in? Did you have any trouble taking it out?

I left it in for a couple of hours. And it was easy to take out.