Love Tampons

I am a crossdresser and when I am dressed in my bras and panties I always have a tampon up my ***. I figure that if I am going to dress the part, then I must play the part. Having a tampon up my *** makes me feel like the complete woman that I am emulating. I just love the feel of having a tampon up my *** because it fills me up and I fantasize that I am on my "period" and feeling nasty about it.

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I love the feeling of a tampon inside me but I wish they were longer.

I prefer a really thick butt plug to a tampon

Does it expand?

When I add a little water, it expands. Feels really good too.

Try putting some ice in first thn the tampon

cube or block?


Sometimes. I only wear tampons at home. I wear maxi pads when I am wearing my panties when I going out.

Love your story ,I just inserted a tampon in my b...a few minutes ago makes me feel so full,and feels sooo good,can't wait to be around a group of mature woman while having my b..filled with tampon,also just started wearing kotex,I sit when I pee,and seeing kotex in panties,oh

have you tried womens poise pads? they feel great

I love you freeks

I so need to stop googling random thoughts.

As asked above, which lube? I've tried good ole petroleum jelly and it worked like a charm. Slip it in, alittle bit of clean up and off you go. Haven't done it in a while. Might have to do it for old time sakes.

Yes Gurlz, what a lovey sensation to slowly insert the applicator and have that "full" sensation while wearing my panties. I can then gently tug on the string and feel so gurly, again and again!

Oh girls what a lovely thread. I too wear tampons and have my period for five days monthly. I wear Tampax Pearls now all the time during my period and usually with a panty liner just to be safe. The Pearls are so easy to insert and feel just so nice while giving protection. .I change every four hours during the day. At night I wear pads. I agree that it's the ultimate feminine feeling to have a period and to wear tampons and/or pads. -Susan

Darling Susan
I do so agree with all your sentiments, I personally wear tampons and pads for one week in every month, but this coming month I am using cranbury coloured ice balls inserting them in my *** followed by a tampon, when the ice balls melt they will colour the tampon blood red, this is to me will be the ultimate pleasure of feeling the tampon in me and the true effect
of having a period, this to me is what feeling very femme is all about, I will be in heaven that I am so like a real women.

I'll switch at the drop of a hat!

"...feeling nasty about it." <br />
I think that would be a negative to the experience.

"...feeling nasty about it." <br />
I think that would be a negative to the experience.

i like to ware tampons in my *** I also like to ware pads. if u want expents to the close thing i have to have my one period is to wear my gf old tampons and pads

Darling Bigboy
Like you darling I always use a tampon and pads for one week in the month, but have always wanted to simulate the real period, I have now read that some girls like us are using ice balls and colouring them with cranbury juice, all you do is to insert 2 cranbury coloured ice balls into your *** then insert the tampon, the effect is that the ice melts and stains the tampon blood red, I have still to try this, but the idea really excites me especially that i will feel at last feel totally very femme.

I agree with your thought's. I am going to give it ago, I have the same feeling when wearing sanitary towels.

Girls, What lubricant do you use!!<br />
as the commercial goes<br />
<br />
'Oh What A feeling!"<br />
<br />
Every day I try to insert one now!......And YOU??

Girls,I know we can't be as good as a "real" woman, but Iknow that using a getting a little closer to a woman's feelings!....As a male, we girls can see what our sisters have to go through!....Can you imagine certain prisoners in Gaol dressed as women for the crime they inflicted on women?....YES...I would like to see that!!

DO NOT USE the large(or SUPER size) girls!<br />
<br />
They can cause bleeding!...just go with the regulars!!<br />
<br />
Make sure you lubricate them too!( I use butter)

This morning, I purchased a box of SUPER tampons!<br />
Girls, this is as close we are going to come!..The sensation of having someone inside of you, without them inside of you is oh, so good!!...Girls, if you haven't tried it! GIVE IT A GO...

Thank God I am not the only girl to do that!..We need to get a high somehow, and when you join the club, this feels so good!..I do not want sex with a male! (sorry) <br />
All I want to do is live as a woman!.......Anyway, I can!!<br />
....Take care, girls!!

Barbie<br />
We have more in common

Thank you Izabelle. Kitten I am not gay or bi, and never had the thought of becoming a real woman. I just like the feel of a tampon in my *** when I am dressed in bras and panties. It makes me feel like a real woman that I fantasize about but would never really want to be in real life.

because he isn't gay. It's just a fetish.

lol Deutschbag!!! I was thinking the same thing. But do you really want the chaffing from balls all sweaty and stuck to you leg?<br />
<br />
This is a new one. I had no idea men did this. It sounds uncomfortable, but I can't imagine what it must feel like to feel the way they do anyway. :-(<br />
<br />
and I promise I don't mean to sound rude.... but seriously...what drips out?? :-/

Ugh. . .I would be more than happy to switch genders with you if it was at all possible, lol. . . With all of the ovary, uterus, bladder, period problems, and stupid surgery I have gone through. . . Count your blessings chick! <br />
<br />
I wish we could switch! lol. . .maybe in another lifetime.

I can tell U it does happen . I do not know Y . I guess from all my years of ***** PLAYING ???????BlueWhaleMeatMcFa

I think that's awesome. But I'm curious, what leaks when you get excited?

Yes PPL, we all love to emulate as close as we can a real woman. Using a tampon does bring us to some kind of notion of what women go through and I love that feeling.

Use a tampon and feel like a woman , what a great life I live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get that barbie, nothing wrong with that, as long as theres no risk of harming yourself enjoy!

No it doesn't hurt. I can feel it all day and just having it there keeps me aroused because I know that it is something that only women should use but it makes me feel whole as a woman when she is on her period.

as it expandes it presses against my prostate gland and realy gets me excited and ready to ***

Thank you for the concern Sunstone. I am very careful when I insert my tampon. I do use enough lube to make it easier to put in. And yes Intrepid, I know women do not bleed from there but this is the only hole us Cd's have so we must cope with that. : )

Oh yes I do. That is why I do this. It is also very arousing to feel a tampon up my ***. Makes me feel like a real woman having her period.

I was starting 2 think I was the only 1 who has done that . It keeps the leakage down when I get EXCITED !!!!! Less work 4 the plastic panties . Do U drip when U get worked up , I do ?????