Not Now

  i was Not going to dress tonight.
  i had drawn a tub of hot water, with some Lilac bath beads. i had relaxed a little, scrooching down in the tub. till i was totally underwater, right up to my neck. i lay like that for a little while. letting everything loosen in the hot, beaded water. the water was extra silky for some reason tonight. caressing every part of me.
  finally i sat up. poured a glass of wine. and turned the tv and dvd player on. i put in the movie, alternately soaking my upper, and then lower half, while watching the movie. the movie was given to me by a friend. he got it from somewhere, and made a dvd of it. well it had commercials in it. so i just used the fast forward to get by them.
  and then it happened. my stupid dvd player would quit, in fast forward. but it didn't quit, and just go to play. it went to another section of the movie! it skipped scenes and scenes ahead! so i reversed, and tried to get back to where i left off. and then it would quit. and skip to another totally different scene. etc, etc. i finally gave up and screamed "arrrrgh"!
  i never did finish the movie. so i drained the tub, and toweled off.
  as usual, when i was dry, i put on a fresh pair of panties.
  Nita woke up then.
  she said, go to your lingerie drawer, Now.
  so here i am.
  i have on all black. a black, lacy garter belt, coupled with jet black, sandal toe garter hose. with the black & white shoes, which you can see in my pictures. with a black, lace bottomed half slip. and a black lace topped camisole. which is over a black satin minimizer bra. 
  well not all in black. i have a pair of lace, nylon topped, champagne colored panties under it all. hipsters.
  over it all. my little "Black" dress. it's spandex and nylon. it Hugs. sleeveless. rear zip up. comes down to my knees. when i walk in this dress, i swish. it rubs. everywhere.
  when i get out of a chair, it rubs. the feel as i stand is soooo fine. then i stand and walk. the click of heels on the floor as i walk is a delight to the ears. the interplay of the nylons, under the half slip, under the dress, which is sliding first this way. and then that way, as i walk. is divine, and also trying to drive me crazy...
  i Wasn't going to dress tonight.

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

So feminine Nita are you sure you arent a gal? you descibe the soft side of being female so well....

lol. life.<br />
<br />
: )<br />