Wrong Body

hi im mike but i wish my name was emmy. ive been wearing girl clothes since i was 6 or 7 im now 17. my friends still dont know and my mom dose but i havent really told her. shes found clothes and walked in on me with a guy :/. haha but i really want to come out i just cant find a way to. would love to talk to anyone and hear your story : )
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You said your mom found your "special clothes" and in your room with a another boy. At 17 you should know if you are gay. Do you want to become a girl (with SRS). It also wasn't clear if your mother allows you to dress as a girl. No one can tell here on EP because of you being underage no one has access to your profile. WE don't know what stories you have written or have seen any pictures of you dressed. So it is hard to comment unless someone just happens to stumble across<br />
it. Look at some of the profiles here on EP by clicking on the names next to the comments, see if it is someone you want to become friends with or place in your circle. There are people here who want to help but you need to take the first step. As far as identity no one here can get your email or identify where you are from, that is as long as you DON't tell them.

After my mom caught me a few time, i told her, i need them, because i feel better myself in female clothes, but its always have hard time to tell her I'm not gay, because she's view to the world is to narrow... At now, she's somehow accepted it, but i know she isn't happy for that... Okay, everything i do, its not good for her, only that what she want, but its an another story....

im soooooooo, loving u

If I told my mom, I think she'd die!<br />
I know my dad wouldn't be please too, probably disown me!

just sit down with her and talk to her and tell her and ask her to help you thats what i did