Sam To Samantha

They say that the best looking apple always has the biggest worm, and that was the way that summer was. It started about two weeks before I was to get out of school when my mother told me that I would be spending the summer at my Aunt Nora's while she was going to Europe buying antiques for the summer. I was really bummed out by the news. I had the summer planned with camp and spending time at the park and basically just hanging out. Then the really bad news was that after the summer we would be moving in with Aunt Lydia and she lived way out in the country.

The drive there wasn't too bad, I mean I enjoyed the ride in the car and looking out the window at the country that flew by my window, but all good things come to an end and this one did when we pulled up to her house. I had been here before and the house seemed a lot bigger than it was the last time I was here. Aunt Nora met us at the drive way and they were all hugging all over each other. She finally noticed me and said, “Make sure you don't have any dirt on your shoes when you come in to the house Samuel”. I told her that I had clean shoes on and that I liked to be called Sam. Mother looked sternly at me and told me to check my shoes and that Samuel was my real name. Yes mother I replied and followed them into the house.

I sat there listening to them prattle on and finally asked if I could go outside and play. Aunt Nora told me that I could go out back if I wanted to, and I did for awhile, but Aunt Nora didn't have any children living with her recently and her only child was a girl that had moved out 6 or 7 years ago so the backyard wasn't very children friendly. There were no toys or anything to play with so I just sat on a cement bench looking at cement statues with leaves covering their wee-wee's. This was boring so I came in and asked if there was anything I could do because I was bored. Well Aunt Nora and my mother had brought in my luggage and I was sent to my room which used to be her daughters to unpack which took all of 5 min. Then I just laid on the bed reading a book, and there I fell asleep.

The next day was Saturday and I don't have to tell you that is the best day of a 13 year old boys life even in the summer. But for me it was boredom plain and simple and Sunday was an instant replay except we went to Church with Aunt Nora. When I woke up on Monday morning Aunt Nora told me that mother had left for the airport while it was still dark and by now was well on her way to New York. I hung around for a couple of hours waiting for the dew to dry up before I could go outside. I begged Aunt Nora to let me go down to the park three blocks away that we passed when we went to church yesterday. She finally relented and warned me not to get in any trouble.

Finally walking down the street and it was a strange street. I felt like an explorer, and I had three dollars in my pocket, just a little folding money, spending cash and the sun was shining.

I walked into the park and headed for the swings not to swing but rather just to hang out for awhile and figure out what to do with myself. That was when the three boys about my age, maybe a little older walked up. They realized I was new and I told them my name was Sam. Well the boys told me theirs but it was long ago and I only remember one and that was the older boys name, Jerry.

Jerry asked me the usual questions about who I was and I seemed to pass their test as we started to talk. Then Jerry asked me if I wanted to get a suicide? I had never heard of that so I asked what that was and he told me that was Coke, Dr Pepper, and 7up all mixed together, and we could get it at this little food mart around the corner. It sounded like something that could make you very sick, something that you would have to drink and pretend you liked it, and something that my Aunt Nora would never buy for me. I had to have one right away. I asked Jerry how much they cost and he told me that the big one was probably too much for me but I could get a small one for 79 cents. Again I asked how much was the big one and he told me it was 1.89 and then he asked me how much money I had? I told him I had more than enough. He asked me how much I had and I told him I had three dollars.

Well he asked if I could buy them one as well and I told him that he had to get his own. Well there was words and he lunged at me and I hit him a good one right in the eye. Then I got the kid standing next to him right in the nose which began to bleed like a bride on her honeymoon. I then started to chase the other kid down that was running away I almost had him when I felt someone grab me by the collar as we rounded a hedge. I looked around and was startled by the police officer dressed in blue staring sternly at me. He asked me what was going on and I told him those kids were trying to take my money. He looked at me and the boy I was chasing told him that it was I that took their money. He said that they had a dollar each and that I beat them up and then took their money. Well the police officer took me to his car and asked me a bunch of questions and the other two boys came up and they were talking to each other and staring at me.

The police officer got out and talked to the three boys and then came back and asked me to tell him how to get to my Aunt's house. I told him that it was the big house with the curved drive on that street, and I was pointing to the street across the park. He said, “Oh you must mean Nora Miller. She is a good friend of mine and as a matter of fact she goes to our church,” and then turning to me added, “someplace that you should spend more time in”.

The look on Aunt Nora's face was stone cold as officer Hopkins related the story to her. She told him that there won't be anymore trouble from me, and gave me the meanest look I think I had ever gotten up to that time. I just kept quiet. I've found that when grownups made up their mind about something it is just better to let them think they have it all figured out. She looked at him as he left and then assured him that she could take care of the situation and he told her that if she needed any help to just call him. After he left she told me to go to my room. I sat there on the bed thinking about how I was going to make it through three months of boredom.

After about 5 minutes the door opened and Aunt Nora walked in and she was holding a switch about two feet long. She must have just cut it because you could tell where the leaves were ripped off, and she swung it making a swishing sound as she announced that she was going to make sure that this behavior wasn't repeated.

I tried to explain about how the boys were lying and the officer was wrong and it wasn't my fault, and if she would call my mother she could tell her that she gave me the three dollars. Aunt Nora told me that the police in Hampton were never wrong, that my mother was probably in an airplane flying into New York, and that she gave her 100.00 for her to give to me through out the summer for treats and toys and things. She also added that it was money that I would never see and that she was going to beat the thief out of me. I tried pleading and she pulled out a chest sitting at the foot of the bed and pointing to it told me to just drop my pants and bend over that chest.

I couldn't believe she wanted me to pull down my pants so that she could spank me. I tried to plead again and then she asked if I wanted her to call officer Hopkins back so that he could take me to reform school. Well I had no idea what that was but it sounded a lot worse than getting a switching so I just did as she said and pushed down my shorts and was starting to bend over the chest when she insisted that I drop my briefs as well. I was really embarrassed by this command but I complied with her wishes. I had bent over the chest with my hands under me, but she wanted me all the way down on the chest so that I couldn’t move around. I had to be on my knees and bending over I grabbed the other side of the chest. In this position I couldn’t move at all. I had just gotten into the position that she wanted and then she started to swing away. The first one stung like something burning and searing had just hit me. Then the second one was just like the first. I couldn’t help crying out, “Owww!” Then she let go with the next one, and stopped for a moment when she heard my “Owww woow woow!” There is no use to cry about it, you deserve it and now you’re going to get it. I want it clear who is in charge around here. This is my house and you will behave, do you understand?

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Only for the moment, and after all I did deserve it

That sounds like a painful experience<br />
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